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Arrow Op Banner

Operation Banner was the operational name for the British Armed Forces' operation in Northern Ireland from August 1969 to July 2007.. It was initially deployed at the request of the unionist government of Northern Ireland to support the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).. After the 1998 Belfast Agreement, the operation was gradually scaled down. Its role was to assert the authority of the Government of the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland...

The main opposition to the British military's deployment came from the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).. It waged a guerrilla campaign against the British military from 1970 to 1997. An internal British Army document released in 2007 stated that, whilst the Army had failed to defeat the IRA, it had made it impossible for the IRA to win through violence, and had also reduced substantially the death toll in the last years of conflict..

The support to the police forces was primarily from the British Army, with the Royal Air Force providing helicopter support as required. A maritime component was supplied under the codename of Operation Grenada, by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in direct support of the Army commitment. This was tasked with interdicting the supply of weapons and munitions to both sides of the sectarian divide, acting as a visible deterrence by maintaining a conspicuous maritime presence on and around the coast of Northern Ireland and Lough Neagh...
2 British Army out-of-uniform soldiers were killed by the PI RA, after they drove into the funeral procession of an I RA member..3 days beforehand, loyalist Stone had attacked an IRA funeral and killed 3 people... Believing it to be another loyalist attack, dozens of mourners attacked the soldiers' car.. During this, Corporal Wood drew his service pistol and fired a shot in the air..The soldiers were then dragged from their vehicle, beaten and thrown over a high wall to be put into a waiting black taxi.. It was driven off at speed to nearby waste ground, stripped and shot dead.. while camera crews captured one of its passengers waving a fist in the air...Because it was fully captured by TV cameras, the incident has been described as one of the "most dramatic and harrowing images" of the conflict in NI..54°35′03.25″N / 5°58′41.20″W...The Volkswagen Passat is a large family car marketed by German automaker Volkswagen through 6 design generations since 1973...

The 69th Spirit is Decarabia. He appeareth in the Form of a Star in a Pentacle, at first; but after, at the command of the Exorcist, he putteth on the image of a Man. His Office is to discover the Virtues of Birds and Precious Stones, and to make the Similitude of all kinds of Birds to fly before the Exorcist, singing and drinking as natural Birds do. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits...
88 March 1st - Iraq says it launched 16 missiles into Tehran– British chemtrail Aerospace launches a takeover bid for the government-owned Rover Group, the largest British-owned re in car nation maker \ 2 - 30th Grammy Awards / 7 – Margaret Thatcher announces a £3 billion regeneration scheme - Stern's 1st pay-per-view "Underpants & Negligee Party" \ 10 – The Prince of Wales narrowly avoids death in an avalanche while on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. Major Hugh Lindsay, former equerry to the Queen, is killed / 11 - British pound note ceases to be legal tender, replaced by 1 pound coin - Utrecht conservatory destroyed by fire \ 13 – Gallaudet University, a university for the deaf in Washington, D.C., elects Dr. I. King Jordan as the first deaf president in its history. This conclusion of the Deaf President Now campaign is a turning point in the deaf civil rights movement / 16 The Halabja poison gas attack is carried out by Iraqi government forces – Iran–Contra affair: LC Oliver North and V Al John Poindexter charges of conspiracy to defraud the U S – First RepublicBank of Texas fails and enters FDIC receivership, the largest FDIC assisted bank failure in history \ 13 - 14th People's Choice Awards: Fatal Attraction / 15 – Chancellor Nigel Lawson announces that the standard rate of income tax will be cut - NASA reports accelerated breakdown of ozone layer by CFK \ 16 - US sends 3000 soldiers to Nicaragua's neighbor Honduras /17 - "Les Miserables," opens – A Colombian Boeing 727 jetliner, Avianca Flight 410, crashes into the side of the mountains near the Venezuelan border, killing 143 \ 21- 23rd Academy of Country Music Awards / 24 - "Gospel at Colonus" opens \ 25 – The Candle Demonstration in Bratislava, Slovakia is the 1st mass demonstration of the 1980s against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia - "Les Miserables," opens at Chunichi Theatre, Nagoya Japan- NASA launches space vehicle S-206- Robin Givens demands full access to Mike Tyson's money / 27 - Ok-Hee Ku wins Standard Register Turquoise Classic Golf Tournament \ 29 – A N C representative Dulcie September is assassinated in Paris – Plans are unveiled for Europe's tallest skyscraper to be built at Canary Wharf / 31- Pulitzer prize awarded to Toni Morrison for "Beloved"...According to photographer David Cairns, although photographers were having their films taken by the IRA, he was able to keep his by quickly leaving the area after taking a photograph of Reid kneeling beside the almost naked body of David Howes Administering the last rites..Cairns' photograph was subsequently designated one of the best pictures of the past 50 years by Life magazine... Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space, through wind and darkness I summon thee.. Speak!Over the 7 jewelled hills, beyond the 7th fall..go to the edge of a cliff, and look out into the sky, where the setting sun transforms the clouds...

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