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The series followed the adventures of astrophysicist Adam and Matthew after they arrive in the small village of Milbury, which is built in the midst of a megalithic stone circle..The biblical word Ivri ( ????), meaning to traverse or pass over..15th Spirit in Order is Eligos, a Great Duke, and appeareth in the form of a goodly Knight, carrying a Lance, an Ensign, and a Serpent. He discovereth hidden things, and knoweth things to come; and of Wars, and how the Soldiers will or shall meet.. He causeth the Love of Lords and Great Persons.. He governeth 60 Legions of Spirits...Secrets of Stonehenge - YouTube


1. Into the Circle (TX: 10 January 1977)
2. Circle of Fear (TX: 17 January 1977)
3. Serpent in the Circle (TX: 24 January 1977)
4. Narrowing Circle (TX: 31 January 1977)
5. Charmed Circle (TX: 7 February 1977)
6. Squaring the Circle (TX: 14 February 1977)
7. Full Circle (TX: 21 February 1977)...


(a) A circular earthwork, 300 feet in diameter.

(b) An avenue bounded by earthworks approaching it on the north-east.

(c) 1 large unworked Sarsen Stone, called the "Hele Stone" or "Friar's Heel."

(d) A recumbent slab within the earthwork called the "Slaughtering Stone."

(e) 2 small unhewn Sarsens lying north-west and south-east of the Circle of Stones.

(f) A ring of hewn Sarsen stones with "imposts " or lintels mortised to them. The lintels are fitted together with toggle joints..16 out of the original 30 uprights of these "Trilithons" are now standing.The diameter of this circle is about 108 feet, or that of the dome of St. Paul's..

(g) A ring of less perfectly hewn "Foreign Stones" which have been conveyed to the spot from Pembrokeshire.These numbered between 30 and 40.. Only 7 are standing to-day, 9 are over-thrown..

(h) 5 great Trilithons, arranged in a horse-shoe, with the opening to the north-east. These Trilithons rise gradually in height towards the south-west. The largest group of stones fell A.D. 1620. Those next to the great Trilithon on the north-west, fell on January 3rd, 1797.To-day only 2 of the Inner Trilithons are standing. One upright of the great Trilithon (raised and made secure in 1901) is erect..

(i) A horseshoe of less perfectly hewn Foreign Stones. Originally there were 15 or more of these monoliths averaging 8 feet high..

(j) A simple recumbent slab of micaceous sandstone called the "Altar Stone"...
The Book of the Dead is made up of a number of individual texts and their accompanying illustrations. Most sub-texts begin with the word ro, which can mean mouth, speech, a chapter of a book, spell, utterance, or incantation. This ambiguity reflects the similarity in Egyptian thought between ritual speech and magical power.. In the context of the Book of the Dead, it is typically translated as either "chapter" or "spell". In this article, the word "spell" is used..It is I who hinder the sand from choking the secret chamber, and who repel that one who would repel him with desert flame..I am for the protection of the deceased..The statue of the Anubis, depicted completely in jackal form was attached to the roof of the shrine..Disciples of the Watch..Cursed be he who moves my body. To him shall come fire, water and pestilence..Oh my Father, Lord of Silence, Supreme God of Desolation, though mankind reviles yet aches to embrace..Thou didst make the Female and the Male..Thou didst produce the Seed and the Fruit.. 16th Spirit is Zepar. He is a Great Duke, and appeareth in Red Apparel and Armour, like a Soldier. His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love.. He also maketh them barren. He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior Spirit..And out of the Angel Isle he shall bring forth the Deliverer... mud flower has a thorn..A lotus flower blooms in the Nile's gray mud..No phantom will come between you and me in the night..Dread Lord of Darkness, I have raised my voice to you.I saw its mother..You saw my wife..I saw its mother..What could be wrong with our child, Robert? the Mark of the Beast on his scalp..Now there is one thing though...

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