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The Landing Craft Personnel (Large) or LCP (L) was a landing craft used extensively in the 2nd World War.. Its primary purpose was to ferry troops from transport ships to attack enemy-held shores. The craft derived from a prototype designed by the Eureka Tug-Boat Company of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.. Manufactured initially in boatyards in and around New Orleans, as requirements grew it was produced in a number of yards around the United States. Typically constructed of pine planks and plywood, and fitted with some armor plate, this shallow-draft boat with a crew of 3, could ferry an infantry platoon of 36 to shore at 8 knots (13 km/h)...

At just over 36 ft (11 m) long and just under 11 ft (3.4 m) wide, the LCVP was not a large craft. Powered by a 225-horsepower diesel engine at 12 knots, it would sway in choppy seas, causing seasickness. Since its sides and rear were made of plywood, it offered limited protection from enemy fire..The Higgins Boat was used for many amphibious landings, including Operation Overlord on D-Day in Nazi German occupied Normandy, and previously Operation Torch in North Africa, the Allied invasion of Sicily, Operation Shingle and Operation Avalanche in Italy, Operation Dragoon and of course the Pacific Theatre at the Battle of Guadalcanal, the Battle of Tarawa, the Battle of the Philippines, the Battle of Iwo Jima and the Battle of Okinawa..At other times LCP(L)s might be led or towed by coastal forces craft when a raid was within reasonable range of a sally port... is no cover for 2 kilometers, it will be every man for himself. See you on the other side. If not On this earth, then in the next world..You must always be stern, Shimizu.. Never show any mercy.. If you do, people will take advantage of you..We will make a run for Motoyama...

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