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Lightbulb Knockin

Knockin' on Heaven's Door" is a song written and sung by Bob for the soundtrack of the 1973 Pat and Billy the Kid.They recorded a studio version in 90 for the Days of Thunder Soundtrack, which was later slightly modified for the 91 Use Your Illusion II ..Recorded January 13,90–91...

1990 January 1 - Czechoslovakia becomes the second Eastern European country to abandon its command economy -The 1st anti-stalking law, goes into effect in California - Dublin begins its year as the European Capital of Culture / 2 – Eastern El Salvador, Salvadoran rebels shoot down a US Army helicopter and execute the 2 surviving members of its 3-man crew \5 - 27 people die as a result of gale force winds across Britain/8 - A train crash at Cannon Street station in London kills one person and injures over 500 \12 – The Congress of the United States passes a resolution authorizing the use of military force to liberate Kuwait/15 -An annular solar eclipse occurred - The UNs deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expires, preparing the way for the start of Operation Desert Storm - It was visible over Australia as a partial solar eclipse at sunrise on Jan 16\16 - U.S..A Wuornos confesses to the murders of 6 men - ODS begins with air strikes against Ira q/17 - Gulf War: Iraq fires 8 Scud missiles into Israel -Harald V of Norway becomes king on the death of his father, Olav - Volcano Hekla erupts on Iceland -Royal Air Force joins Allied aircraft in bombing raids on IraQ\19 - A SCUD attack on Tel Aviv injures 15 people- It is announced that 1,844,000 people are now unemployed in the UK/22 - 3 SCUDs,1 Patriot missile hit Ramat Gan in Israel, injuring 96 people; 3 elderly people die of heart attacks - B20 deployed in Iraq\28 - Foreshock to M 6.3 event / 29 - EQ Buller RangesWest Coast 6.3 -17.3 km -41.90°S- 171.72°E ... to orders. I have a presentation to make. For service above and beyond the call of duty of a tourist, do you have any idea how big a deal it is to retask those satellites....

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