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Arrow Daughters of the Dragon

What are you doing next week? Because your silhouette is kickin!..She's over 300 years old..The Dragon King is a deity in Chinese mythology commonly regarded as the divine ruler of the ocean. He has the ability to shapeshift into human form and lives in an underwater crystal palace. He has his own royal court and commands an army comprising various marine creatures. Apart from presiding over aquatic life, the Dragon King can also manipulate the weather and bring rainfall...

Dragon Pool Temple is a Buddhist temple in Jeju City, South Korea.. The temple, set within a walled compound, contains a phallic shrine which is visited by female pilgrims who come to worship it for its perceived fertility blessings. The phallic stone is made from granite, quite small in size and white and was reportedly found in a field nearby by a farmer..The Five Dragons Temple is a Taoist temple located in Ruicheng, Shanxi Province, China. It is also known as King Guangren's Temple... Then we hear a whistle like a bison's pipe..And the carnival immediately begins..I also know that for as long as you can remember, you struggled against your own black heart and always lost.. You watched your sprit, your very face change as the beast claws its way out from within you..Gradually mixing rain,Thunder Bullfight...
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