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A land mine is an explosive device, concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disable enemy targets, ranging from soldiers to vehicles and tanks, as they pass over or near the device. Such devices are typically detonated automatically by way of pressure from the target stepping or driving on it, though other detonation mechanisms may be possible.. The device may cause damage either by a direct blast or by fragments that are thrown by the blast..Some sources report that the 3rd-century Chancellor (China) Zhuge Liang of the Kingdom of Shu in China invented a land mine type device..Anti-personnel mines are designed to kill or injure enemy combatants as opposed to destroying vehicles..Metal detectors were first used for demining, after their invention by the Polish officer Józef Kosacki..The use of land mines is controversial because they are indiscriminate weapons, harming soldier and civilian alike...

Explosive land mines were being used in 1277 AD by the Song Dynasty Chinese against an assault of the Mongols, who were besieging a city in southern China. The invention of this detonated "enormous bomb" was credited to one Lou Qianxia of the 13th century..The first land mine in Europe was created by Pedro Navarro (d. 1528), a Spanish soldier, who used it in the settles of the Italian castles, in the beginning of the 16th century..The Nazis used captured civilians who were chased across minefields to detonate the explosives..Mine fields laid near the sea during the Falklands War have become favorite places for penguins, which do not weigh enough to detonate the mines...
One of United Nations's missions estimated that there are 19.7 million mines in the western desert of Egypt.. Great efforts has been done in extracting mines.. In a 1997 interview with major-general Ibrahim Abdul-Fattah, chief of the military engineers force in the Egyptian armed forces, he stated that 8301 Egyptian persons (civilian and military) were affected by land mines by 1997. Of them, 7611 were wounded and 690 were killed..Many of the mines are still operational and pose a risk to local populations. The responsibility for removing them has been left to the governments of North African nations... art of concentrating strength at one point, forcing a breakthrough, rolling up and securing the flanks on either side, and then penetrating like lightning, before the enemy has time to react, deep into his rear..The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought...

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