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Lightbulb War Child
This article is from an issue of HELLO magazine dated September 23rd 1995..Princess Diana was pictured greeting her old friend opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, when she attended a concert in aid of the charity "War Child", to help the children in war torn Bosnia..The concert took place in the open air at the Parco Novi Sad, and Diana wore a white shift dress by Italian designer Gianni Versace.. was shot dead on July 15, 1997, aged 50, on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion as he returned from a morning walk on Ocean Drive. Usually, Versace would have an assistant from his home walk to the coffee shop to receive his morning papers, but on this morning he was in high spirits and took the chore upon himself...
1995 September 23 – Argentine national Guillermo "Bill" Gaede is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona on charges of industrial espionage. His sales to Cuba, China, North Korea and Iran are believed to have involved Intel and AMD trade secrets worth US$10–20 million /26 – The trial against former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, who is accused of Mafia connections, begins - Sri Lanka complete 2-1 Test Cricket series win in Pakistan from 0-1 - "George" magazine premieres, published by John F Kennedy Jr\ 27–September 28 – Bob Denard's mercenaries capture President Said Mohammed Djohor of the Comoros; the local army does not resist - The BBC begins regular Digital Audio Broadcasting, from the Crystal Palace transmitting station /28 – Croatian forces massacre 9 elderly Croatian Serbs in the village of Varivode, Croatia - Singer Bobby Brown escapes injury in gun battle - "Batman Forever" released Czech Republic...

1997 July 13 – The remains of Che Guevara are returned to Cuba for burial, alongside some of his comrades. Guevara and his comrades were executed on 9 October 1967 in Bolivia- Indonesian ferry sinks, killing at least 77 \14- Bomb in Algiers kills 21 & wounds 40/17 - STS 94 (Columbia 23), lands – The F. W. Woolworth Company closes after 117 years in business \19 – The IRA declares a ceasefire/20 - 126th British Golf Open - Brown shoots a 271 at Royal Troon\ 21 – On her 200th birthday, the fully restored USS Constitution (aka "Old Ironsides") sets sail for the first time in 116 years/22- Fire breaks out at Palais de Chaillot in Paris...
http://www.princess-diana-remembered...y-concert.html're outgunned, and undermanned. But you know sumpin'? We're gonna win.. You know why? Superior attitude. Superior state of mind...
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