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Lightbulb Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet is an internationally renowned classical ballet company, based at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, England. The largest of the four major ballet companies in Great Britain, the Royal Ballet was founded in 1931 by Dame Ninette de Valois, it became the resident ballet company of the Royal Opera House in 1946 and was granted a royal charter in 1956, becoming recognised as Britain's flagship national ballet company...

In 1968, Diana was sent to Riddlesworth Hall School, an all-girls boarding school..While she was young, she attended a local public school. She did not shine academically, and was moved to West Heath Girls' School (later reorganised as The New School at West Heath) in 7oaks, Kent, where she was regarded as a poor student, having attempted and failed all of her O-levels twice.. However, she showed a particular talent for music as an accomplished pianist.. Her outstanding community spirit was recognised with an award from West Heath. In 1977, she left West Heath and briefly attended Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Rougemont, Switzerland. At about that time, she first met her future husband, who was then in a relationship with her older sister, Sarah. Diana also excelled in swimming and diving, and longed to be a professional ballerina with the Royal Ballet. She studied ballet for a time, but then grew too tall for the profession..Her first job, at the age of 17, was as a nanny for Alexandra, the daughter of Major Jeremy Whitaker and his wife Philippa (van Straubenzee) at their Land of Nod estate at Headley Down, Hampshire. Philippa's brother William was a close friend of Diana's...
In astrology, a planet's domicile is the zodiac sign over which it has rulership. The term domicile also applies to the House in which a planet rules. Domicile is from the Latin domicilium whose root means house. The planet said to be ruler of Aries, is Mars.. The Domicile, or House, of Mars is the 1st House of one's natal chart..Since 1900 the vernal equinox date ranged from March 20 at 08h (2000) to March 21 at 19h (1903) (all times UTC)..Individuals born during these dates, depending on which system of astrology they subscribe to, may be called Arians or Ariens..Cancer (♋) is the 4th astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Cancer.. The planet said to be ruler of Cancer is the Moon.The term domicile also applies to the House in which a planet rules. Domicile is from the Latin domicilium whose root means house. The Domicile, or House, of the Moon is the 4th House of one's natal chart... I'm not square.. You're the one that's square.. I gotta get in shape now..From now on, it will be 50 push-ups each morning, 50 pull-ups.. From now on every muscle must be tight. I think that, that Cancers make the best lovers, but god, my whole family are air signs...

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