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Lightbulb Still of the Night
Cat Eye Syndrome (CES), caused by the short arm (p) and a small section of the long arm (q) of human Chromosome 22 being present 3 (trisomic) or four times (tetrasomic) instead of the usual 2 times.. The term "cat eye" was coined because of the particular appearance of the vertical colobomas in the eyes of some patients...

Manhattan psychiatrist Dr. Sam Rice is visited by glamorous, enigmatic Brooke Reynolds, who works at Crispin's - an art auction house apparently modeled after Christie's. Brooke was having an affair with one of Rice's patients, George Bynum , who has just been murdered. Brooke asks the doctor to return a watch to Bynum's wife and not reveal the affair..Rice is visited by NYPD Detective Vitucci but refuses to give any information on Bynum, a patient for two years. After the police warn him that he could become a target because the killer may believe he knows something, Rice reviews the case files detailing Bynum's affairs with various women at Crispin's, including Brooke..Rice tries to interpret clues from the case file with his psychiatrist mother, Grace, including a strange dream of Bynum's in which he finds a green box in a cabinet in a dark house and is then chased up a narrow staircase by a little girl carrying a bleeding teddy bear..Premiered Portugal 13 January 1983- 3 – Kīlauea begins slowly erupting on the Big Island of Hawaii and is still flowing as of 2014... then must we do? We must give with love to whoever God has placed in our path..You for the words, me for the pictures...
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