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Arrow Long March

A Long March rocket (simplified Chinese: 长征系列运载火箭; traditional Chinese: 長征系列運載火箭; pinyin: Chángzhēng xìliè yùnzài huǒjiàn) or Changzheng rocket in Chinese pinyin is any rocket in a family of expendable launch systems operated by the People's Republic of China. Development and design falls under the auspices of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. In English, the rockets are abbreviated as LM- for export and CZ- within China, as "Chang Zheng" means "Long March" in Chinese pinyin..The rockets are named after the Long March of Chinese communist history...

The Long March 9 (LM-9, CZ-9, or Changzheng 9) is a Chinese super-heavy carrier rocket that is currently in study. It is planned for a maximum payload capacity of at least 130,000 kg to LEO or at least 50,000 kg to Lunar Transfer Orbit..

The Long March 11 is a planned solid-fuel rocket being developed by China. It will apply China's largest solid-fuel rocket engine and was designed to meet the need to rapidly launch satellites in case of emergencies or disasters. Its first launch is planned before 2016..

China received £27.4million in British aid payments last year despite boasting the world's 2nd biggest economy..

A rocket is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle that obtains thrust from a rocket engine. Rocket engine exhaust is formed entirely from propellants carried within the rocket before use.. Rocket engines work by action and reaction.. Rocket engines push rockets forward simply by throwing their exhaust backwards extremely fast, and relying on momentum, air fins, guidance rockets and/or gravity to help control flight..Rockets for military and recreational uses date back to at least 13th century China...'s your style? My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting..The art of fighting without fighting? Show me some of it...

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