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Lightbulb I can't answer that question
Tim Russert asks the President Sunday (2/08/2004) about Skull and Bones and the President confirms he is a member by saying he can’t talk about..Part of the transcript below.

President Bush: Politics. I mean, this is—you know, if you close your eyes and listen carefully to what you just said, it sounds like the year 2000 all over again.

Russert: You were both in Skull and Bones, the secret society.

President Bush: It’s so secret we can’t talk about it.

Russert: What does that mean for America? The conspiracy theorists are going to go wild.

President Bush: I’m sure they are. I don’t know. I haven’t seen the (unintel) yet. (Laughs)

Russert: Number 322.

President Bush: First of all...

Kerry (KER-ee) (alternatively "Kerri") is both a masculine and feminine English language given name of Gaelic (Irish) origin..In its original form, Ciarraighe (CiarraĆ­), it denoted the people of Ciar (ciar-raighe). It was the name of the pre-Gaelic tribe who lived in the area of what is now County Kerry. However branches of the Ciarraighe were located all over Ireland... are reminded that limbo dancing under the road blocks is strictly forbidden..This evening's weeny roast and barbecue has been cancelled due to an avalanche..

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