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Lightbulb Kindness of Others

Thankyou Dunadan /Pepsi
Upon inspection we shall find that the person we call our enemy has received this label because of some harmgreat or small, mental or physical, real or imagined-he or she has given us in the past. If we think back, however, we can often remember occasions when this same person treated us with much kindness. And if we could see into our past lives we would undoubtedly discover instances in which this so-called enemy was our selflessly kind mother, feeding us with her own milk and protecting us from harm and fear. Even without considering any lifetime but the present we can see how temporary and easily subject to change the status of an enemy really is. If tomorrow we were to receive some unexpected assistance, praise or merely a kind word from this person, would we still regard him or her as our foe?

Once we have developed an unbiased outlook towards all beings we are ready to view them all equally as having been our mother. This is the firm foundation upon which the supremely altruistic mind of bodhicitta depends. But how is it possible to recognize all beings as our mother? What are the reasons for believing we have shared the intimate motherchild relationship with everyone?
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