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Lightbulb Grimaldi

The Doge of Genoa (Latin: Januensium dux et populi defensor, "Genoese Duke and People's Defender") was the ruler of the Republic of Genoa, a communal republic and a state of the Holy Roman Empire, from 1338 until the state's extinction in 1797. Originally elected for life, after 1528 the Doges were elected for terms of two years.. In actuality, the Republic (or Dogate) was an oligarchy ruled by a small group of merchant families, from whom the doges were selected...

The Doge has exiled many of his political opponents and confiscated their property. Among them is Jacopo Fiesco, who has been living in the Grimaldi palace, using the name Andrea Grimaldi to avoid discovery and plotting with Boccanegra's enemies to overthrow the Doge. The Grimaldis have adopted an orphaned child of unknown parentage after discovering her in a convent (she is in fact Boccanegra's child, Maria (known as Amelia) named after her mother, and she is Fiesco's granddaughter)...'m sorry, I don't know what's the matter with me. I don't know, I'm not feeling well, I think I have a heart condition..Feel my heart...

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