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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Recarved by somebody having a laugh.
Originals here.
You can see how and where the recarving was done.
Not for a laugh.

The temple with these carvings was started by Seti I, and finished by his son, Rameses II.

The panel displays the Nebty name of Rameses II, who had his father's name plastered over then recarved to put his own Nebty name there. As you state, some of the plaster has fallen off.

The Nebty name is part of the "five-fold titulary" used by pharoahs at the time. To the left and right of the pic in the OP, the rest of this titulary can be seen. The rest is also Rameses II's titulary.

Seti's Nebty name:

Ramese II's Nebty name:

The Rameses example is vertical (obviously) and is thus not the best example to use to make it easy to see that the "helicopter" panel is a conglomeration of both. However, it's the best example I've come up with over the years so I use it here.

Ancient Egyptians wrote their words left to right, right to left, up to down and sometimes even down to up.


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