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Yes, nowadays even if you go into town to buy a pair of pants or jeans, and you can look and see that nearly every store will only carry and promote in its windows the gay style jeans, and the tight fitting pants. Not everyone wants to dress like Boy George so why are these type of clothes taking over the stores? Homosexuality is a selling product to them. The destruction of the family unit of course was a crucial part of this agenda pushed by the Masons

In fact they have found homosexuals pretending to be lesbians on Facebook living in Libya and elsewhere, and they've found out that these guys are white men living in the States who they think work for the CIA, pretending they're females who are being victimized over in those countries to get the lesbian support in the US. It's astonishing but this is how it works. They're using this to even try and get warfare going, over some supposed sexual preference they want to slaughter people. ANY excuse will do to get the big agenda through. Even all the top spies in Britain during WW2, these guys were all homosexuals and they were chosen and picked at that time.

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