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I wonder. When you say gay, are you talking about lesbians as well? The whole chemistry of the male/female brain is different. Therefore, the methods of control are not similar either. I see this in the gay, crack smoking Barry Obama. A lot of what is going on is chemical warfare....the stuff that leeches out of plastics alone. They wont understand it themselves.......

...but I have to note it is important to understand they want to take away sexual urge. So, why not push forward that agenda in the form of sex. And not just gayness either. These are variations of the same control system......they they want everyone in. Whats your flavor? lol

I call it "the gay voice"......its also a mkultra personality that can be programed by too much TV and micro-chips -- that you can pick up from drinks or even cigars these days. They are so tiny. Most people are already chipped in the Western world, and people dont realize it yet. This is a form of personality that non gays/lesbians can have as well -- mind you. Like I said, this is also a newage (mk ultra) induced personality which may or may not have anything to do with oriention. I am merely pointing out that this is just one aspect of a control system -- in particular mind control. - which is happening as we speak. Notice the difference between gay men that still have their normal voice, versus ones that develop the need to have a "gay voice". Where does this need come from? Mind control in many cases for gay men. That is what we are talking about here really.
This is not to be confussed with natural gayness.....or people that are gay b/c they LOVE someone of the opposite sex deeply and have attraction as well. They go together hand in hand. As you will see in the control system for men in occult groups , hollywood, and high society, their sexual urges are animals like and void of LOVE. Not everyone falls into this category but for gay men, they are the new majority. Many of the controled fall into the category of "bisexual". So, thats something of note as well.

**I use the word talk about the new high tech version of it. Not the old - very dramatic version that is still popular in hollywood.
Peace, Love, Sage, and Orion's Belt!!

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