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Arrow Moment space surveillance complex

UFO Chased By Russian MIG Declassified Government Footage...

Moment (Russian: Момент, from Latin: momentum, meaning in English: short time) is a Russian military space surveillance complex. It is used to monitor radio emissions from space craft and satellites, a form of electronic intelligence gathering. It is run by the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces as part of their 821st Main Space Intelligence Centre (SKKP) which operates the space surveillance network. It was put into service for experimental combat duty in 2003...

Moment has been installed somewhere in the Moscow Oblast, and is moveable.:197 It may be co-located with the Centre for Space Monitoring at Noginsk-9.. It has the GRAU index 14G6 (14Г6)...There is no official administrative center of Moscow Oblast; its public authorities are located in Moscow and across other locations in the oblast..

Light industry is the oldest in the region; it was started in the 17th century and with 35% contribution was leading the gross industrial production. There is still production of cotton (in Yegoryevsk, Noginsk, Orekhovo-Zuyevo), wool (in Pavlovsky Posad and Pushkin) and jerseys (in Ivanteyevka and Dmitrov). The silk production in Naro-Fominsk had been stopped. Traditional and renowned crafts include Gzhel, Zhostovo painting and Fedoskino miniature. Large foreign investment projects include the plant for manufacturing household appliances (TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) by the South Korean company LG built near the village of Dorokhovo..Moscow Oblast was awarded three Orders of Lenin, on 3 January 1934, 17 December 1956 and 5 December 1966...

Sister regions..

Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia
Kyrgyzstan Chuy Province, Kyrgyzstan
France Île-de-France, France
China Jiangsu, China
Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
Indonesia Palembang, Indonesia...
The space surveillance network was part of the Soviet Air Defences, called the PVO, and was incorporated as part of the missile defence and space defence force. In 1998 SKKP became part of the missile and space defence organisation ракетно-космической обороны (RKO) together with missile warning network SPRN and the anti-missile forces.. In 2001 these services became part of the newly founded Space Troops, and were incorporated as the 3rd Independent Missile and Space Defence Army..

The Main Space Intelligence Centre was formed on 1 December 2009 and since December 2011 it has been part of the Space Command of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces, together with facilities such as the 820th Main Centre for Missile Attack Warning and 153rd Titov Main Space Testing Centre... SHADO's involvement made it a square. All we're doing is erasing the past twelve hours.. So it's back to the triangle...
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