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Lightbulb That Old Black Magic

The supernatural (Medieval Latin: supernātūrālis: supra "above" + naturalis "nature", first used: 1520–30 AD) is that which is not subject to the laws of physics, or more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature"..That Old Black Magic" is a 1942 popular song first recorded and released as a single by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra.. The music was written by Harold Arlen, with the lyrics by Johnny Mercer...

Later that night, everyone gathers for a game of cards, where Riden reveals that he has found a place to go—a small planet 11 million miles away..Remember the flying saucer over the Dakota... I have wondered whether life wouldn't be much more amusing if we were all devils, no nonsense about angels and being good..You are wise in your generation. We must have a long talk, and then I have an important call to make..But this isn't science.. It's more like black magic...

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