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Arrow Dan Cairo

The Tribe of Dan, also sometimes spelled as "Dann", (Hebrew: דָּן, Modern Dan Tiberian Dān ; "Judge") was one of the Tribes of Israel. Though known mostly from biblical sources, they were possibly descendants of the Denyen Sea Peoples who joined with Hebrews..In the Biblical census of the Book of Numbers, the tribe of Dan is portrayed as the second largest Israelite tribe (after Judah)..Some textual scholars regard the census as being from the Priestly Source, dating it to around the 7th century BC, and more likely to reflect the biases of its authors, though this still implies that Dan was one of the largest tribes at a point fresh to the memories of the 7th century BC..Their primary trade characteristic was seafaring, unusual for the Israelite tribes.. In the Song of Deborah the tribe is said to have stayed on their ships with their belongings...

The Cairo Gang was a group of British Intelligence agents who were sent to Dublin during the Irish War of Independence to conduct intelligence operations against prominent members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA)..12 people, including British Army officers, Royal Irish Constabulary officers and a civilian informant, were assassinated on the morning of 21 November 1920 by the IRA in a planned series of simultaneous early-morning strikes engineered by Michael Collins.. The events were to form the first killings of Bloody Sunday..By 1920, the success of the IRA, in particular its Intelligence Department under Michael Collins, was a cause of concern in Dublin Castle, the then headquarters of the British administration in Ireland. The IRA's success led to the British Government's demand that the IRA be eliminated..The photograph lodged in the National Library photographic archive, Piaras Béaslaí collection (5 copies) describes the men as "the special gang F (6) company Auxiliaries"...There are no names or details on the back of the photos...
The Windsor Hotel (فندق وندسور in Arabic, Hôtel Windsor in French) is an historic hotel in downtown Cairo, Egypt. Constructed in 1893, it is located near Opera Square and across Alfi Bey Street from the site of the former Shepheard's Hotel, of which it once served as an annex..According to engineers at the Schindler Elevator Corporation, the Windsor's manually-operated wooden carriage elevator is the oldest in Egypt and among the oldest operating elevators of its type in the world... forefathers who founded this capital city first named her “Rome.” They had named her river the Tiber and erected a classical capital of pantheons and temples, all adorned with images of history’s great gods and goddesses — Apollo, Minerva, Venus, Helios, Vulcan, Jupiter.. In her center, as in many of the great classical cities, the founders had erected an enduring tribute to the ancients — the Egyptian obelisk. This obelisk, larger even than Cairo’s or Alexandria’s, rose 555 feet into the sky, more than thirty stories, proclaiming thanks and honour to the demigod forefather for whom this capital city took its newer name...
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