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Arrow Awen Cornerstone

The Master Apartments is a landmark 24-story art Deco skyscraper on Riverside Drive, Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City. Its address is 310 Riverside Drive. It sits on the Northeast corner of Riverside Drive and West 103rd Street. It is one of the city's major Art Deco residential buildings and one of its first mixed-use buildings, since it was built in 1929. It was the first skyscraper in New York City to feature corner windows.. The original plans for the building called for only 24 stories topped by a stupa, a Buddhist shrine in the shape of a staggered pyramid with a spire on top.. When the building was constructed, plans for the stupa were scrapped in favor of an additional 5 stories...

Originally built to house a museum for Russian-born artist/diplomat/explorer/spiritual leader, Nicholas Roerich, a school, an auditorium and a restaurant in a residential hotel, the building was designed by Harvey Wiley Corbett of Helmle, Corbett & Harrison and Sugarman & Berger.. The auditorium is currently occupied by Zoe Ministries, and the Roerich Museum has moved into a nearby townhouse on 107th street..The Nicholas Roerich Museum is dedicated to the works of Nicholas Roerich, a Russian-born artist whose work focused on nature scenes from the Himalayas..

Roerich: Self-Proclaimed Master Who Influenced the Occult Symbols on the American One Dollar Bill...
Above: Cornerstone of the Master Apartments building in New York City that was built for Nicholas Roerich. The cornerstone has Nicholas Roerich's logo with 3 circles carved on the outside and contains a casket inside..In some forms of Neo-Druidism the term is symbolized by an emblem showing 3 straight lines that spread apart as they move downward, drawn within a circle or a series of circles of varying thickness, often with a dot, or point, atop each line.. The symbol was invented by Iolo Morganwg and adopted by some Neo-Druids... you think you've solved in 14 days what they couldn't solve in 2 years.. Give my regards to King Tut..Yes. My father found it, made out of a mineral unlike any found on Earth...

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