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Lightbulb Grain & Compass-ion

For Virgo ♍ and her main star Spica The MUL.APIN associates Absin "The Furrow" with "the goddess Shala's ear of corn", and Shala is conventionally depicted as holding an ear of corn on boundary stones of the Kassite era...Shala was an ancient Sumerian goddess of grain and compassion.. The symbols of grain and compassion combine to reflect the importance of agriculture in the mythology of Sumer, and the belief that an abundant harvest was an act of compassion from the Gods.. Other traditions identify Shala as wife of the grain god Dagan, or consort of the storm god Ishkur/Adadthe.. She carries a double-headed mace-scimitar embellished with lion heads...

UR.GU.LA "The Lion" ♌ Λέων (Leōn) Siṃha (सिंह) In astrology, the ruler of Leo is the Sun..Surya is the chief of the Navagraha, Indian "Classical planets" and important elements of Hindu astrology. He is often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by 7 horses or one horse with 7 heads, which represent the 7 colours of the rainbow or the 7 chakras.. He also presides over Sun-day.. Surya is regarded as the Supreme Deity by Saura sect, which now has a very small following. Smartas worship him as one of the 5 primary forms of God...
ALDIRAN. The term refers to the star in one of the forepaws of the lion in the constellation Leo. In an old Parisian list of stars Aldiran is described as in fronte leonis, in front of the lion.. The Arabs applied the grammatical dual form al dhira'an, "the 2 paws," to the brightest and 2nd brightest stars of Gemini because they stood 4 1/2 degrees apart.. The astronomer al-Biruni says that the alpha or brightest star of Gemini is in the outstretched paw of Leo and that the second brightest or beta star is in the paw not stretched out.. The ancient Arabs extended the figure far beyond the limits assigned to the constellation in modern astronomy... must be careful not to offend the Naturals. If our crops fail, we shall be obliged to trade with them. Once we're established here, we may go up the river and seek a route to the other sea..Come, spirit, help us sing the story of our land.. You are our mother.. You are our field of corn.. We rise from out of the soul of you...
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