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Lightbulb Van Helsing
Vyzygoth:When you talked about the red eyes I had to think back to the book that Van Helsing wrote – about secret societies and their power and influence in the 20th Century..

Alan: Yes, oh yeah, and directly. I was with a guy from a very big rock group. We’d gone to a very small party and it was towards the end of the night. There was only a few people there. Most of them had fallen asleep wherever they could and the woman, I won’t say who it was, but she was up there too. She floated down the stairs, and I mean floated, and I’d taken no drugs and nobody slipped anything in the drink I was drinking, and she floated down these wide stairs right up to me and she came within a few inches of my face. Her eyes rolled up and were pure red, and she says, you know you’re a very powerful person. We could do amazing things together; and I tried to keep very calm and I just said, I don’t think so, at least not tonight. So she turned around. She got this weird grin on her face and turned around and floated all the way back. The guy that was with me I thought he’d fallen asleep and he came over and he says, Alan, tell me I was dreaming but I saw this woman float down the stairs. I said, well you did, and so he says, I’m glad you did or I’d be worried about myself...
In the novel, Van Helsing is called in by his former student, Dr. John Seward, to assist with the mysterious illness of Lucy Westenra.. Van Helsing's friendship with Seward is based in part upon an unknown prior event in which Van Helsing suffered a grievous wound, and Seward saved his life by sucking out the gangrene. It is Van Helsing who first realizes that Lucy is the victim of a vampire, and he guides Dr. Seward and his friends in their efforts to save Lucy...
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