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Lightbulb String Quartet No. 14 (Beethoven)
Yes, there really are no coincidences at all. None.. Zilch...

Now they’re going into the new phase of separating the youth from adults and it was aimed directly at the young. It’s very interesting to notice that ever since, each generation that grows up, up to the age of 22, will stick with the kind of music they get of their time, and they end up in old folks homes, in geriatric homes dancing to rock music. One day you’ll see people dancing to rap. They don’t go beyond. Now the thing is this is understood in the days of Beethoven because Beethoven was also financed to do experimentations in theaters with certain types of disharmonic music and they found with some of the disharmonics it would cause anger and aggression in the audience, and even fights broke out with discordant notes and sounds..
The violent rhythm in this subject is contrasted with the soaring, lyrical second theme...

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