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Arrow LApis EXillis

FREE - FULL 2-HOUR THEATRICAL FEATURE FILM! From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. An Exploration Into the World's Most Secret Societies. Lapis Exillis, the stone that is called the grail to the Illuminate, has influenced world history for centuries. This Code is the subject of this original and highly controversial award winning feature length documentary...

The sandstone pillar that Mr. Parry believes the Verendrye party retrieved the stone from had a strange Hebrew inscription next to the alcove where the stone was originally. In Hebrew the word “PRESTON” was inscribed into the sandstone face of the pillar. This is pertinent to our story in that part of Parry’s theory involves the fact that this missing stone may represent the actual pillowstone of Jacob mentioned in the Bible as part of the story of Jacob’s Ladder. The tale of Jacob’s Ladder holds a special place in the mythos of Masonry representing the stairway or ladder to heaven. In the modern world many people call this a stargate or heaven’s gate.

Hello, George. Had a good holiday? Not missing anything, are you? Meantime, I want another report, complete in every detail, on my desk, before you go home!..

Preston, England was the site of a battle between Jacobite, Scottish Masonic influences and England in which the Pillowstone of Jacob was used as a talisman in battle against the British. This is suggestive that the stone may have been stashed in Canada by the earlier Templars that had left the Kensington stone. The Jacobites may have retrieved the stone and brought it back to England at this time leaving the empty pillar alcove that Mr. Parry later found. The Chronology suggested by the date of construction of the Powder Magazine (ca. 1714) suggests that the location of the stone was known of by Governor Spotswood at least as early as that time. This date is long before the Jacobite revolution in Britain. (The above is the author’s theory and does not reflect the opinions or theories of Louis Buff Parry). Note also that there are also several other reported settlements of European people in this region of North America including the Prince Madoc Legend, and the Legend of Henry Sinclair.

Preston, England does have an even spatial relationship to the IPG. It is located on an even 45 degree azimuth true north that is suggested by the Northwest facet of the octagonal fountain. This is directly opposite or the back azimuth of the 225 degree angle that led to Minot pointed to by the octagon. Preston is pointed to by the octagon of the IPG just as the Kensington and Verendrye stone’s said discovery sites were. This could be the reason the word “Preston” was inscribed next to the stone and the reason why Minot was promoted as the actual discovery site of the stone...
Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La VĂ©rendrye (November 17, 1685 – December 5, 1749) was a French Canadian military officer, fur trader and explorer. In the 1730s he and his 4 sons opened up the area west of Lake Superior and thus began the process that added Western Canada to the original New France in the Saint Lawrence basin. He was also the first European to reach North Dakota and the upper Missouri River. In the 1740s two of his sons crossed the prairie as far as Wyoming and were the first Europeans to see the Rocky Mountains north of New Mexico...
"I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience — the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capitol or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after the model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed." -- Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II.

"I'm going to build my secrets into the geometry of these buildings because I know books can be burned but buildings not so easily." -Thomas Jefferson..
The obelisk at the center of St. Peter’s is surrounded by so called “windrose” markers. Each windrose marker is labled with a primary compass direction and region to which it points. This feature is a continuation of the older Roman tradition of an Axis Mundi that establishes directions and regions termed a Templum that are the domain of the group that established it. It is highly likely that Thomas Jefferson designed his county estate, Poplar Forest, as an octagonal Axis Mundi using the same tradition that had descended from the ages of ancient Egypt and Sumeria. In addition the plan of Poplar Forest resembles the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem...

Thomas Jefferson may have been what could be considered a geomancer. Aligning structures in this manner is an ancient tradition that only the powerful and elite have the resources to execute. He created a ley line with talismanic implications...

From plan view the Guidestones create an “X” shape on the ground. The line from Poplar Forest not only goes directly to the Guidestones but it mimics the angle of the northeast to southwest portion of the “X.” Two structures with thematic similarities located nearly three hundred miles apart whose structural elements match their position on the map. These buildings intentionally point to each other. The Georgia Guidestones were placed with respect to Thomas Jefferson and Poplar Forest..Many speculate as to the reason the Guidestones were placed far out in the countryside where few could see them and appreciate their message. The Guidestones spatial relationship to Poplar Forest may explain all of this. Other clues that may confirm this include the stones location in a region knows as the “13 forks.” The address of the Guidestones continues a tradition of the rose themed names being associated with geomancy in that it is located at the intersection of Dewey Rose Lane and Guidestones rd...Govershin need not last forever..That remains to be seen. Don't think I don't know what's goin' on Preston...

The Secret Maps of the Knights Templar and Holy Grail in America ..In Ancient Egypt, Scorpio was the equivalent of the Serpent.. Serpents were worshiped by ancient Egyptians.. In Egypt not only are there serpents of the houses, but each quarter in Cairo had a serpent-guardian (Lane)..The constellation of Virgo is representative of many identities, all related to maidens, purity and fertility.. She was originally associated to Dike, also known as Justice, daughter of Zeus and Themis, who was once the Mistress of All-Divine Order and Law prior to the Olympians..., & Stonehenge, they're Ley-Lines to this Place!City of Revelations.. That governs "Inner Space"...

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