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Lightbulb Rus Poli

The Duchesse de Gramont, born Princess Ruspoli (1888-1976) ( Philip Alexius de László , 1922)...Laub Fülöp Elek born, he was the eldest of a modest tailor Jews from Budapest named Laub son. He changed his name to László Laub in 1891..Philip Alexius de László studied in Budapest with Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz in Munich at the Royal Academy of Bavaria, then in Paris at the Académie Julian..In 1900 , he married Lucy Madeline Guinness and both were in love since 1892, but the family of the girl managed to prevent long marriage..The couple had 6 children, several of whom contracted marriage within the English aristocracy. It directed its activity towards the Ireland and England..

Antoine XI Alfred Agenor de Gramont, Duc de Guiche and 11th Duke of Gramont ( 1880 ) was born in Paris on 22 September 1851 and died in Paris on 30 January 1925..Son of Agenor de Gramont (1819-1880) , 10th Duke of Gramont and Duchess, born Emma Mac Kinnon, old Scottish nobility, Agenor de Gramont excelled in mathematics and went first to the Special Military School of Saint- Cyr..He chose the cavalry and became lieutenant in the 4th Hussars..December 10, 1878 , the Duke de Guiche remarried Marguerite de Rothschild ( 1855 - 1905 ), the Frankfurt Branch (see Rothschild family ), his father had disinherited for marrying a Catholic, Count of Liedekerke , died shortly after a hunting accident..They had 3 children..Melun ( Seine-et-Marne )..Apartment 1 Rue Francois I. (Paris, 8th arrondissement )..Then in 1887 : mansion 17 rue de Constantine , at the corner of the rue Saint-Dominique (belonging to the Princess of Sagan and depending on the hotel Monaco)..Then: hotel particularly rue de Chaillot ( rue Quentin Bauchart ) at the corner of the Champs Elysees..Château de Valliere...

The Ruspoli are an old and noble Italian family..The origins of the family can be traced back to the Ruspoli of Florence in the 13th Century and through the family's claimed direct descent from Marius Scotus in the 8th Century and the Marescottis of Bologna. In the 17th Century the Ruspolis moved to Rome where the last descendant, Vittoria Ruspoli Marchioness of Cerveteri married Sforza Vicino Marescotti Count of Vignanello, a descendant of the Farnese family on both his mother's and father's side.. One of Vittoria's sons took the Ruspoli name and coat of arms to guarantee the continuity of the House..In 1708, Vittoria's grandson, Francesco Ruspoli head of the Ruspoli Regiment fought to defend the Vatican State. In 1709 he forced the Austrians to a retreat and Pope Clement XI named Francesco first Prince of Cerveteri..According to the Marescotti-Ruspoli archive and as often seen on various family trees and reported on the official "Libro d'oro della Nobiltà Italiana" published by the Collegio Araldico, the origins of the Marescotti can be traced back to Marius Scotus born in Galloway in south west Scotland in the 8th Century..Tao Ruspoli (born 7 November 1975) is an Italian American filmmaker and musician..He currently lives and works in Venice, LA, as a photographer and filmmaker...
Bertolt Brecht born Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht (born 10 February 1898 – 14 August 1956) was a German poet, playwright, theatre director, and Marxist..was born in Augsburg, Bavaria (about 80 km or 50 mi north-west of Munich), to a devout Protestant mother and a Catholic father (who had been persuaded to have a Protestant wedding)..The modest house where he was born is today preserved as a Brecht Museum..In 1923, Brecht wrote a scenario for what was to become a short slapstick film, Mysteries of a Barbershop, directed by Erich Engel and starring Karl Valentin.. Despite a lack of success at the time, its experimental inventiveness and the subsequent success of many of its contributors have meant that it is now considered one of the most important films in German film history..
Antoinette Corisande Élisabeth, Duchess of Clermont-Tonnerre (née de Gramont; 23 April 1875 – 6 December 1954) was a French writer of the early 20th century, best known for her long-term lesbian relationship with Natalie Clifford Barney..She was born Antonia Corisande Élisabeth de Gramont in Nancy, France. Called "Lily", she was the daughter of Agénor, 11th duc de Gramont, and his wife, née Princesse Isabelle de Beauvau-Craon.. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father remarried to the wealthy Marguerite de Rothschild...Margaretha's father disapproved of her marrying a Catholic, the comte de Liedekerke, and her conversion to Catholicism and withdrew her from his will..In her youth, Élisabeth de Gramont was a strikingly pretty woman. Opinionated, outspoken, she became openly bisexual by the start of the 20th century, despite being married.. Soon after her marriage, Count de Liedekerke died at a hunting party...
The population and infrastructure of the Vanni were severely devastated by the Sri Lankan Civil War..Much of the interior (approximately 4,200 km2 (1,600 sq mi)) of the Vanni is covered by dense forest..Vanni was the one who tried to politely explain to Michael Corleone and B.J. Harrison the situation concerning their investment in Immobiliare.."Please. Our group represents a consortium of Catholic businessmen, against the Corleone control"..The series follows 4 young Roman Catholic Irish-American brothers in New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and their involvement with petty and organized crime.."Haven't you ever worked?" he was once asked. "No," came the riposte, "I've never had time"..He was a firm believer in reincarnation... is greatness-You know, Michael, now that you're so respectable I think you're more dangerous than you ever were.. In fact, I preferred you when you were just a common Mafia hood..I didn't come here to see you disguised by your church.. I thought that was a shameful ceremony.. I came here to protect my son...

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