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Arrow Words resemble Walking sticks

Yeah... and Rothchild here was born to be your producer..Bertold Brecht, cabaret and rock.. Give me a fucking break.. You guys are amazing! Let's go make a record..Ironic of course when you look at her long dark locks and demeanor.. She looks back at him, challenging..He is chasing her with one of her Goat horns..Hey, listen! Listen! Listen, man! listen, man!I don't know how many you people believe in astrology..

The Kennealy's were Celtic cheiftains and pre-Christian shamans when your Druid ancestors the Morrisons were a minor Scottish clan founded by a bastard son of the King of Norway..It's a religion, witchcraft.. Witches are the protectors of the seasons..And when crossed, destroyers...

Gloria Stavers (1926-1983) was the editor in chief of 16 Magazine.. Her personality gave this teen celebrity magazine its stamp for many years. Stavers is credited with being one of the first women rock and roll journalists, but male editors, detractors and those who scoffed at teen or celebrity magazines sometimes called her "Mother Superior of the Inferior"..She was initially paid 50 cents an hour..You control the audience, like dogs, manipulate them Jim, one picture can control a million people, be anything you want -- growl at them, be ugly, be frightened, be selfish. Be man, woman, whild, animal. Live, die,return again. Anything you want..Everything is permitted..A weird dance ensuing between them -- teasing, enticing. He runs away, wit-che's along her wall, being photographed inch by moving inch.. He crawls to her. She gets down with him on the floor, straddling him... Jim this is Tom... Baker, he's an actor, he was in Andy's movie and this is Count Ruspoli.. He lives in Paris, but he's Italian.. He's from a very famous family over there.. They're 700 years old..Edie gave this to me and said mmmmm, I could talk to God with this. But I don't really have anything to say. So... mmmm now you can talk to God..Oh hi!...
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