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Lightbulb Blue Vajra Ground

Blue Lodge Freemasonry ...

The vajra ground, fence, canopy, and tent are blue in colour.. The protective tent and spheres sometimes called 'vajra tent,' are meditated upon in Vajrayana Practices to prevent any negative influence from entering the Practice Space..After Expelling the OBstructing forces..The traditional example to illustrate this is of thoroughly locking oneself in after expelling thieves out of the house. There are the relative and the absolute protective that there is not even one tiny gap that it is impenetrable..At the point where they meet, the vajra sphere is formed, like liquid metal being poured into a cast..At the summit is a blue vajra with outspread spokes..All around the perimeter of the tent blaze the fires of the end of time... pope ever visits a city where the newspapers are on strike..That's exactly what it is: all the costumes, the rituals - all religions..Snips and snails and puppy dog's tails..Catholics only, Miss. I'm afraid that we're bound by these prejudices..That's OK. Everybody thinks I'm Victoria..Come with us quietly, Rosemary.. Don't argue or make a scene.. Because if you say anything more about witches or witchcraft, we're gonna be forced to take you to a mental hospital.. You don't want that, do you..They use blood in their rituals, and the blood with the most power is baby's blood!..If the music brothers you, please let me know and I'll have it stopped..Good ol' Hutch, he's spreading cheer wherever he goes.. I'm gonna get a tissue, honey..Tannis, anyone...

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