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So Diana Dors hated Stephen Ward according to her 1981 autobiog and yet she and Denis Hamilton (or another gangster?) are still stopping by his house on Cliveden estate.

So she hated Stephen Ward for up to 11 years before his death and spent the time badmouthing him because he took her for a fast drive and then refused to give her a lift back to London so she had to get a later train

And then she's popping down to cliveden with denis

Pull the other one! Denis was getting her to film all sorts having sex with children and animals and one another - Bob Mnkhouse's autobiog casts a very different light on those years - Ah I see it is a joke - I never knew the Ephraim Hardcastle column was like the William Hickey one Tom Driberg used to write for the Daily Express - Ephraim Hardcastle by this time was Peter McKay of private eye - so presumably the guest list at Stephen Ward's bookending lunch is a joke? Or not?

"Stephen made lunch. Some of his guests were my friend John Kennedy, Tommy Steele's manager, and his current date, Jill Browne, who played nurse Carol Young in the huge TV series Emergency Ward Ten. Diana Dors turned up with a gangster. By the end of lunch Stephen had killed off his autobiography. I never saw him again and may have lost a fortune."

So after a lunch with Diana Dors (Savile) and Denis Hamilton (Krays) and John Kennedy (of Kennedy Street Enterprises? The company Savile co-owned a club in Manchester with? John Kennedy was well in with Larry Parnes and Lionel Bart (writer of Oliver! you know - starring the father of Michael Jackson's children!)) decides not to write an autobiog after all during his trial.

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