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Originally Posted by discovery77 View Post
Not this one is it? Was Curator of pictures at the National Trust. Also "After a year in the civil service, I applied to the Courtauld Institute of Art in London". Studied under Anthony Blunt. Also co authored a book with him, from Oxford Uni. Age range correct? Youngest it says was 24. This one born in 1944??!/page/2

(looks like he had experience of handling some Rothschild collections too!.............. )

Lots of time spent in historic houses....
Yep, had found the same Alastair who apparently wrote the book 'Baroque and Rococo Architecture and Decoration' with Blunt. Although cunningly enough the Wiki link shows a slightly different spelling of Laing. (An attempt to hide a link no doubt) The book is given as a source for a study on a baroque architect in NAPLES so ties in nicely. This is a deliciously obvious example of how they close documents from view for 76 years in order to hide from us the fact that we now have a link between Colin Peters and Blunt, both guests of Elm Guest House. The link being that they both knew Alastair Laing, one wrote a book with him and the other was arrested with with him. I look forward to 2045 when the document is opened <> However the Fernbridge detectives who are keeping an eye on this thread may want to take a look at this document a little earlier!

Francesco Antonio Picchiatti (Ferrara, 1619–1694) was an Italian architect of the Baroque period active in Naples. He is also called Picchetto. He was son of Bartolommeo Picchiatti, who also served as an architect in Naples.

[[Anthony Blunt|Blunt, Anthony]]; Alastair Lange, Christopher Tadgell (1978). Baroque and Rococo Architecture and Decoration. London: Elek. ISBN 0-06-430115-X.

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