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William Alexander Goad
Born Sept 1944 Died 20th Oct 2012

Put into an approved school as a child - Forde Park School, Newton Abbot
Last home address Ford Park Road, Plymouth

Director of three companies- Barbican Discounts of Plymouth Ltd, Markets South West (Plymouth) Ltd, and Barbican Property Associates Ltd.
Business partner and fellow director Kenneth James Gorvin.
Joint owner with Gorvin of a huge indoor market in Cornwall - Cornish Market World.
Two branches of Barbican Discounts" stores.
Set up and ran The Mount Gould Camping Club

1964 first recorded offence

Goad taken to court three times for indecent assault.

1972 put on probation and sent on a sex offenders course

1980 he received a suspended sentence (A man called "Bob" (Robert) was facing the same charges alongside him

1987 he received a suspended sentence.

1998 fled to Thailand (Pattaya) on false passport (under the name of George Healey) and was living openly there with two Irish 15 and 16 year old gypsy boys.

1999 Travelled to Spain to meet with his business partner Ken Gorvin, resigning from the company and transferring all of his shares over to Gorvin.

2003 (July) ventured to the UK for a meeting with Gorvin and arrested .

2004 jailed for life (16 sample offences)
(Operation Emotion)
First count of abuse was from 1965.
He boasted of abusing 142 boys a year and wanted to break that record.
Shy Keenan said his offending spread to northern England, America and Thailand.
Goad travelled extensively, buying stock and took boys with him, using boys to lure other children off the street.

2005 Court of Appeal refused to increase minimum jail term.

In the 2005 Panorama documentary it was revealed that social services knew about Goad, and did nothing. A pattern of failure to bring Goad to the attention of the police existed.

Boys were handed around other paedophile associates of Goads.
One such man who was also accused and identified was the "Bob" mentioned earlier above. Police refused to pursue any case against Bob- he wasn't even questioned, because police said they hadn't the resources to pursue "Bob" or any others. It seemed they were content to nail Goad, and Goad alone.

Another of Goad's associates,and also accused, was Eddie Pratt who moved to France, and was found running a bar in Brittany. Pratt later committed suicide in 2005 following th Panorama documentary.


2006 yet another of Goad's associates - Peter Norsworthy, also of Plymouth, was jailed for 15 years (Operation Emotion again) for raping, indecently assaulting and intimidating a number of teenage boys between 1992 and 2001

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