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Default Tisbury

Originally Posted by craftyhen View Post
@Troyhand - Great work, I can't keep up, from last nights posts on the Morrison family.

The Morrisons live at Fonthill House, near Tisbury in Wiltshire.

I wonder if Peter 'paedo' Morrison shared any mutual interests with his neighbour,
Elm Guest House visitor Peter 'Mr Fullcard' Brooke.

Peter Brooke, Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville (born 3 March 1934)

Tisbury is a village 13 miles west of Salisbury in the English county of Wiltshire.
With a population at the 2001 census of 2,056.
@crafty Great find!
Anthony Chenevix-Trench

The Private Eye article also reported on Chenevix-Trench's approach to corporal punishment. It had always been traditional and frequent at Eton. Until he became Headmaster, disobedient students could be publicly birched by the Headmaster or Lower Master on their bare buttocks as punishment for serious offences. In addition, senior students at the school were permitted to cane other boys across the seat of the trousers, and this was routine...
The long history at Eton of birchings being public, and most canings being widely witnessed, meant that Chenevix-Trench's preference for private beatings was viewed with suspicion. In 1966 the Provost made him promise that he would no longer issue beatings in private. He did not keep the promise, thus storing up yet more distrust. To replace Headmaster's birching, he introduced private caning, also administered to the bare posterior of the boy, who was required to lower his trousers and underpants and bend over in his office. A few boys resented this and felt that a caning over the trousers, as was standard practice at nearly all other schools by this time, would have sufficed.
Chenevix-Trench's health, both physical and mental, also began to suffer, with the return of the malaria he had caught during the war, and flashbacks and nightmares of his wartime experiences. He took tranquilizers to help him with his worsening nerves when carrying out public speaking engagements, and resorted to heavy drinking to drown his other sorrows. The final straw came after a dispute over the future of one of the housemasters, Michael Neal. Neal was a popular and effective teacher but failed to keep proper control over his house. After a major incident in summer 1968, Chenevix-Trench failed to dismiss him, instead offering to resign himself. The offer was rejected, but Neal's house continued to be problematic, and Chenevix-Trench eventually had to fire him on the pretext of a much less serious incident several months later. He handled it badly, leading to protests by the boys, and this combined with a growing awareness of the other problems led the Fellows to decide to ask him to leave. This was dealt with sensitively; Chenevix-Trench himself wrote to parents in July 1969 to inform them that he would be retiring a year later.
Reading Eagle - Apr 24, 1969

New Head Man
LONDON- A girl's boarding school is to have a man as its next head, Michael Neal, a 41-year-old Eton history master, takes over at Cranborne Chase School, near Tisbury, Wiltshire, in September.

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