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Originally Posted by blista View Post
I did some research and found this:

It's about the Dulce papers, they describe how cattle blood is used as nourishment for the gray aliens and cattle tissue is used for human/hybrid genetic experiments. The aliens know how to change the atoms in the tissue and create an almost human being.
Its a possibility, but bearing in mind no one has the actual answers.
There are consistencies and common features with most of the surgical animal mutilations that have occurred over many decades whereby blood is drained and vital organs are removed by what appears to be laser scalpels and the animals appear to have been brought by air and not just dropped on the ground. The fact that the authorities are still turning their backs on numerous events over many decades and some farmers have been visited by men in black, there are obvious signs of covert military scientific groups or indeed aliens acting outside of our normality.
The number of cases are huge ! and ongoing.

There are many other strange and frightening events which occur at cattle mutilation sites with UFOs, strange lights, silent black helicopters, bigfoot and other non human humanoids present or visiting farmers.
The Bigelow ranch has a history of this, which give reason to be suspicious of why Bob Bigelow with his military/space travel connections purchased the ranch. Keeping the ranch off limits to public scrutiny was probably the least reason.

I draw a clear distinction between this and the animal mutilations from satanic cults and attacks by other animal types which are very clear from the evidence.

But there is certainly no "one size fits all" answer to these events
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