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Default Norwood

Been looking further into Norwood connections, since Chris Strickland said the Scorpio satanic cult was based around Norwood/ Crystal Palace. Norwood is in the London Borough of Lambeth.

This may be worth investigating further, as Norwood has links not only to Scorpio, but to Savile, The Rothschilds, Stella Rimington, police corruption, Care Home Abuse and a famous charity who's patron is the Queen.

The clipping I posted above mentioned that at least two prominent senior politicians were members of the Scorpio cult. Which brings to mind the Lambeth coverup alleged by DCI Clive Driscoll, who was fired after trying to expose politicians involved in abuse at Brixton’s Angell Road children’s home and South Vale youth assessment centre in West Norwood :-


And here's a picture of Jimmy Savile at the opening of a swimming pool for handicapped children at Thurlow Park School, West Norwood :-


The prolific paedophile and Care Home boss John Darby abused a boy at a flat in Norwood according to this article :-

Also wondering if Norwood has occult/ritual connections. Found this quote on aangrifan's blog in an article about the former head of MI5, Stella Rimington :-

"Stella Rimington was born Stella Whitehouse in South Norwood, in London.

Reportedly, her parents were Christian; she is not a Christian. (Interview: Stella Rimington, novelist and former head of MI5 )

In 1860 Barnett and Isabella Meyers presented the Jews' Hospital with eight acres of land in West Norwood, and a building to accommodate 220 children was erected. Sir Anthony Rothschild laid the foundation stone in 1861."


And according to Wikipedia, "The charity that operated the orphanage (the Jew's Hospital) in West Norwood retains an echo of its previous location in its current name Norwood."


The charity Norwood has been mentioned on this thread before. According to Wikipedia :-

Norwood is a UK charity established in 1785 in the East End of London.

In 1996, it merged with Ravenswood, a Berkshire-based charity for people with learning disabilities, to create one of the largest welfare organisations within the United Kingdom Jewish community.

Norwood currently provides more than 120 services for people with learning disabilities, and children and families in need, within the Jewish and wider communities in London and the South East.

These specialist services benefit more than 7,000 people each year and are delivered by 1,200 staff and supported by around 800 volunteers.

Norwood’s Patron is HM The Queen and its Patron of Children’s Services is Cherie Blair.

The charity’s celebrity supporters include Simon Cowell, Elton John, David Furnish, Sir Philip Green, Bernie Ecclestone, Roger Daltrey, Theo Paphitis, Tom Conti and Piers Morgan.

The Norwood/Ravenswood connection:

In 1996, Norwood merged with Ravenswood, and opened family centres in Redbridge and Hackney.

It was called Norwood Ravenswood for six years before finally changing its name to Norwood in 2002.

Ravenswood should also ring bells with regular readers of this thread :-

"Former Norwood chief executive Norma Brier recalled Jimmy Savile's visit to Ravenswood Village in 1989. "He came to open the Ravenswood fair and was a great hit, turning up in his gold Rolls Royce. He walked around chatting to the residents and spent lots of time there. We were very grateful for his support."


David Cameron is also associated with Norwood/Ravenswood :-

"David Cameron praised Norwood’s Ravenswood Village as “a fabulous demonstration of social responsibility in action” as he officially opened a new residential building at the Berkshire facility, which is providing specialist support for adults with severe autism."


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