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Originally Posted by welshwitch View Post
So - if the ONLY reference to the 'beast' and the number 666 - is from the Bible - then firstly I'd be suspicious of how that information had been used to 'condition' my brain.

It does beg the question why that number - how come it conforms to human carbon-based signature - and how was it known when the texts were written? Or - have we been genetically manipulated so as to conform?
First I'd like to say great thread. Its great to see so much truth in one place. Here I see an opportunity to add some information of my own to the discussion, an integral part of this symbolic puzzle. There is a subtle irony in this first statement I quoted, it will become amusing later.

The number 666 represent the interior angles of an equal lateral triangle.

More than just an equal lateral triangle, it represents the human mind and its Third Eye. The two base points of the triangle are the optic eyes, the third peak point is the third eye, and as mentioned earlier in the discussion, the pineal gland, the eye which sees all.

Again with intentional double meaning, the third eye also is the SIXTH chakra. This is where it is believed man's earthly consciousness sits, I use the word "earthly" here deliberately.

(Interestingly enough there is a hexagon on Saturn's north pole)

Now its clear what they are symbolising here, 666, the 6th Chakra, the 6th sense, it is the human MIND. Beyond understanding the symbol, what's more important to consider now is WHY? Why is the all seeing eye on half the corporate logos? Why is 666 Satan's number? Why the eye on the dollar bill? The answer is simple, one controls matter through the mind.

If you want to control someone, you influence their mind. If you want to defeat some one, you trick their mind. If you want to enslave someone, you make them think you are a master.

The mind can be brainwashed, ritually abused, and programed. Hypnosis and trauma based programming are the foundation of the Saturn cult controlling society today. I can't stress this enough. The entire structure our simulated need based society is heavily inundated by various levels of occultic brainwashing techniques. I am not just talking about 1%, or just too much TV, its everywhere and very physically real. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, priests, artists, actors, police, ems, military, it has all been infiltrated. These people have front alter personalities running their mundane lives which are completely dissociated from their cult alter who takes part in the ritual abuse and pedophilia.
Its a split...

This is exactly what Kubrick's last film Eyes Wide Shut is about, multiple personality dissociation through hypnosis. Hypnosis and ritual abuse have been dated back to ancient Egypt, which is why you see the worship of those archetypes today through the Saturn cult.

Let that digest a bit...

Okay, well, so they are using our minds against us. What can we do though? Recognize the signs frontally instead of shrugging it off into the subconscious where they do real damage. We talked about the eye, the pyramid, hexagon and the david's star, but haven't touched on color yet.

There is something they use which I have taken to calling "blue red dissociation", and its everywhere.
Boys in blue
Girls in pink
The woman in a red dress archetype.
British flag
USA flag
French flag
Australian flag
Police lights.
Good vs Evil
Republican vs Democrat
Bloods vs Crypts
Corporate logos (so so many)

But why? Blue and red are integral to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. (Its how 3d glasses work) This is used as a programmed "trigger" to create co-consciouness between the front alter and subconscious cult alter.
For example, one sees the british flag and blue red plastered over a political broadcast, this creates a state of dissociation in the minds of the audience, the left brain is chewing the logic and thinking in obvious frontal speech while right brain is receiving programming through trigger words and hand gestures. The blue red regalia is used to ease this mental dissociation between the front alter and the subconscious cult alter. This is just a tidbit example, but its everywhere...

Where do we go from here?
The key to overcoming programming and brainwashing is by thinking with your heart.
I do not mean this metaphorically, I am being very literal. The heart possess brain cells, that's right, your heart is a thinking organ.
What's most important, the heart cannot be programmed. For this reason we are fiercely taught to think logically, taught love is the result of logically desirable traits, taught to pay for love, taught the physically beautiful is worth loving more than the emotionally beautiful.

This is all deceit designed to disconnect us from our higher selves so that we and our children can be harvested ritually, sexually, and energetically by a transhuman illusionists. There are multiple dimensions operating above and below us, our human mind is the soul's anchor to physicality, the Achilles heel of our spirit, the thing capable of being brainwashed. Inside the heart is our true mind, the true self. Follow your heart, its who you really are.

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