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Originally Posted by phar_out View Post
Another of Paolo Debertolis's lies:

Recently, on an Italian forum (here:, ('Pablito') claimed (Google translate):

First of all, the Commission were outraged by the fact that Debertolis (in collaboration with Visoko Museum) ILLEGALLY EXCAVATED HUMAN REMAINS. As I have said before on here, Visoko Museum has no legal right to exhume human remains whatsoever.
Second, he ILLEGALLY EXPORTED HUMAN REMAINS FROM THE COUNTRY. He did not have a licence to do so, and this is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

Whatever spin he wants to put on it, Debertolis committed a criminal offence in pursuit of his fanciful new 'career', and then went to the authorities bragging about it.

He then tries to self-justify by claiming that the Commission to Preserve National Monuments is religiously biased, and overly-affiliated to Turkey (and the Erdogan regime). He claimed that three of the five Commissioners were educated in Turkey. Let's examine that claim:

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments (for those who don't know) was set up by the Dayton Peace Agreements and the international community to stabilise Bosnia-Herzegovina after the 1992-95 war. There are five members of the Commission: Three domestic (one Croat, one Bosniak, one Serb) and two foreign members (who have some form of expertise or specialisation within the region).

At the moment, of the domestic members:
The Bosniak Commissioner received her entire education in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BA, MA & PhD all University of Sarajevo)
The Croat Commissioner received his entire education in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Diploma & PhD both University of Sarajevo)
The Serb Commissioner received her entire education in Serbia (Diploma & PhD both University of Belgrade)

So, no education in Turkey there...

... and on to the foreign members:

One is from Turkey. She received her education in Turkey (receiving her PhD in 1976), and is in her 80s. Hardly a stalwart of the new, Erdogan regime, but more likely to be one of the 'Old Guard' of the secular Turkish state...
One is from the United Kingdom. He received his entire education in the United Kingdom

It must be noted that one of the two foreign members of the Commission will soon be replaced, as both have already served their recommended terms. It looks as if the Commission would prefer a candidate from a German-speaking country, due to current funding trends for the conservation of national Monuments from abroad.

So again Paolo Debertolis reveals his paranoia and desire to alter facts to suit his own agenda. He has been committing criminal offences within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then decides to lie (or perhaps poorly research - he also has a track record of this) in order to cover his shortcomings.
Fantastic Phar_out! I quoted your post because by your words you confirm my words about the will of a group of Bosnian archaeologist behind you for stopping every result not in accordance with their desire by resorting to bureaucratic expedients with a very aggressive behaviour.

As I said in a previous post you are not brilliant and in fact for helping Irna, who saw her posts deleted by Italian forum because people do not believe her reasons any more, you have disclosed the reason because you are here and you try to stop every discussion on Bosnian pyramid: you protect the mysterious interests of some Bosnian archaeologists of Sarajevo.

Finally you have declared it! For the same reason Irna and Abacus followed me in all forums all over the world trying to discredit me. Not Simplicio, who is only a simple man, who claims only attention from the world through the work of other people.

As I discovered who is Simplicio, now I can share with the readers what I know: you are the delegate of the same archaeologists who were hostile from the beginning of the Bosnian pyramid project. The same who were supported by Hardings and EAA. This is not because you think that the pyramids don’t exist, but only because of the money which Osmangić receives and you do not. Yes, it’s only a professional jealousy, not a historic interest.

And this is the reason why you are an anonymous blogger, like Irna and Abacus (Simplicio is no longer anonymous).

By citing my post from another forum you have forgotten to tell the real reason you say I am a criminal in capital letters and the Director of the Museum of Visoko too (in fact your fellow Irna attacks him in this article).

Apart from that, the Museum of Visoko has the authorization to operate in its territory and we collaborated with this institution in our research, so your words are all lies, but you cite the components of the Commission for the Conservation of Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina without names, so people can believe you are right.
Cite the real names of the present commission and the names of the commission of three years ago!

Oh, sorry! I forgot, you prefer to remain anonymous….

And what my post says on the same Italian forum you forgot to translate for the readers and made you angry? No problem, I will translate it for you (I don’t need Google translator for translating as you), so the readers can understand your agitated attack against me.

The argument was the “fortress” instead of the church on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

As you can see by the decree of the Commission for the Conservation of Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian archaeologists insist by interpretation that on top of the hill there was only a fort. For this reason, they organized a rebuilding in the summer of 2011 of the east part of the settlement, leaving the rest in total decay and without preserving anything else.

Let's leave aside the fact that they carried this out by the use of cement instead of lime, collecting building material (stones) directly from the other ruins, but we see two photographs taken from the same angle before and after the restoration.

It is interesting to superimpose images quickly.
We can note first of all that was done by a reconstruction and not a restoration.
The wall on the right now has an increased thickness at least 30% so as to simulate the fort walls, while the wall at the center of the space and representing the internal closure of the building on the right was left in total decay. In fact, in the distributed maps with the decree it does not appear on the map.

Whereas we proceeded to a complete rebuilding of the wall in the top of the photo without being able to distinguish the original from the reconstructed one. Even this wall assumes the character of the wall of a castle.

But the scandal is greater in thickness.

We look at the photo taken straight along the top of the wall before reconstruction.

and after the reconstruction

The thickness is more than doubled, transforming a plain wall into a powerful tower capable of withstanding Ottomans cannons.

But how it is adjusted to the archway? We look at the photo of the arch before.

and after the intervention

The arch was reconstructed by inserting a lot of stones plus a whole lot of wall above it.
This dramatically increased the thickness of the wall, how did they rebuild the arch on the other side?

They were not able to rebuild totally the arch and a wooden lintel was placed on the top transforming and destroying the barrel vault.

And how was the wall widened outside?

This aspect that I would consider ridiculous for the fake blind slits which simulate the holes left by the medieval scaffold, but too regular and too close together, so they look absolutely false.

My impression is that this reconstruction work has been done more with the logic of a garden barbeque than by the logic of the restoration of a historic building, creating walls like those of a strong fort and ultimately give a false impression.

In contrast, other important ruins were not taken into account, such as the entrance of a tunnel which lies below the citadel of which I show the entry in total abandonment.

As you can see my colleague has no problems to enter into it until he disappears. If the fort was really only a strong fortress, what sense to leave the entrance to a tunnel (which does not appear on any official map) outside the city walls? Maybe to give the enemy easy access to the citadel from below?

It is not credible that a powerful castle is built with easy access from the outside. Much more credible is that the tunnels were pre-medieval and the building were not built to provide defense.

Was there an abbey in place of a really strong fortress? Of course with this type of restoration the question remains as such. And at this point it is fortunate that the other buildings on the top of the hill, where there are no traces of other strong walls, have been left abandoned. In the future, someone might want to restore them without creating as an historic "fake".

As I said before, the problem is that they want to rebuild the story in a particular way, according to George Orwell's aphorism "Who controls the past, controls the future."

And once again I agree with the sentence of Igol about the fact that research in Bosnia has undermined the foundations of religious political issues. But I repeat more political than religious.

The paradox is that they proceeded in the opposite direction: it has adapted to its plastic structure that the claim had to rebuild it.
This is the post, that is an accusation to Bosnian archaeologists who created this fake and destroyed the original shape of the settlement for attacking Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation digging.

For this reason Phar_out appeared in December 2011 on this forum when I began to publish something on Bosnian Pyramids and now attack me by lies. He defends this disaster by his friend (and Abacus too here) in this post.

Yes, so now it is clear to everyone: if someone reads a post by Phar_out, Irna or Abacus, they have to consider that they are speaking for a group of dishonest people who are destroying the historic heritage of Bosnia. This is the people behind them.

And they attacked me because I inserted my nose in their political business.

Now I finished my job of scientist as in Bosnia as here. I reached my target: I demonstrated who is behind you, Phar_out and the other debunkers on this thread.
Your credit to the international readers and archaeologists began to fall down as the credit of Irna and Simplicio is falling down in Italy just now. You were too zealous.

Now you can speak as you want and Irna, Abacus and Simplicio too. But this post will remain here for information to the international readers and archaeologists who are curious to know something about the Bosnian pyramids and why this project is so discussed.

And now, bye, bye for ever boys! You can continue your job of zealous debunkers without credit, but also without me.

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