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US police: 2 men built X-ray gun to zap 'enemies of Israel'

Authorities indict two New York residents for assembling mobile device that would deliver damaging doses of radiation against Muslims, other targets

This is hasbara taken to the extreme. These hasbarists built an x-ray gun to give lethal dosages of radiation to "enemies of Israel"

It's gotten to that point. Support Israel, or they'll kill you

Glendon Scott Crawford is definitely jewish. If you do a custom range google search and cut off the date at say May 1st, he shows up in a lot of jewish activities in the same area. The other guy is lesser known. Notice how each article tries to link them to the "KKK" and doesn't mention them being jews.

And they're definitely hasbarists if they're going after "enemies of Israel" and I hate how the above articles say the machine was meant to 'sicken' people. Sicken people with radiation poisoning, cancer, and other lethal genetic damage.

I realize this is one specific incident, but it's taken things way too far if they're going to poison/kill people for criticizing Israel. We're not talking about "anti-semitism" or "jew haters" but "enemies of Israel" which to a hasbarist is anybody who criticizes Israel, anybody who promotes peace, anybody calling for '67 borders, anybody sympathizing with Palestinians, etc. They want to kill you for having such rational views. I repeat, they want to kill you for criticizing Israel.
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