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Another of Paolo Debertolis's lies:

Recently, on an Italian forum (here:, ('Pablito') claimed (Google translate):

I'll tell you an anecdote on the issue. The same religious authority that is looking Irna directed us on the site of Radovici because pieces of skeleton were emerging from the slope of the road through a site full of stećaks. Pieces that people had reported to him and not to the authorities. As part of our research together with the Museum of Visoko we immediately rushed to collect the remains and had them tested for carbon-14 in the laboratory of Debrecem in Hungary.

It came out that the remains dated back to a period roughly between 1508 and 1644. That is the height of the Ottoman period the people in Visoko Valley, while preserving their ancient habits instead of following the strict Islamic doctrine, continued to bury their dead on the side of stećak that are oriented to the north rather than in cemeteries with tombstones oriented Mecca.

This discovery has greatly antagonized the Commission for the Conservation of Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, very annoyed that was put in doubt the perfect Islamic faith of the population. This has taken away the permissions and locked the opportunity to collaborate with the Museum of Visoko further.

Later I discovered that the five members of the Commission three of these had graduated in Turkish universities.
They were not there by accident and were part of that surge of nationalism in Bosnia forced so favored by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in which I found myself staying in the same hotel in Sarajevo and foraging the Government of the Federation of Muslim with specific intent to put one foot in Europe. We see precisely what the newspapers these days is your opinion on the secular state and respect for minorities.

Thanks to these politically motivated our research on stećak is lost and how much we have been able to publish only found at the bottom of this simple poster that I presented to Congress "XX National Congress - College of Dentistry Teachers" Rome, April 18 to 20 , 2013 ( / Pictures / Poster.jpg ) as incomplete research.
First of all, the Commission were outraged by the fact that Debertolis (in collaboration with Visoko Museum) ILLEGALLY EXCAVATED HUMAN REMAINS. As I have said before on here, Visoko Museum has no legal right to exhume human remains whatsoever.
Second, he ILLEGALLY EXPORTED HUMAN REMAINS FROM THE COUNTRY. He did not have a licence to do so, and this is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

Whatever spin he wants to put on it, Debertolis committed a criminal offence in pursuit of his fanciful new 'career', and then went to the authorities bragging about it.

He then tries to self-justify by claiming that the Commission to Preserve National Monuments is religiously biased, and overly-affiliated to Turkey (and the Erdogan regime). He claimed that three of the five Commissioners were educated in Turkey. Let's examine that claim:

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments (for those who don't know) was set up by the Dayton Peace Agreements and the international community to stabilise Bosnia-Herzegovina after the 1992-95 war. There are five members of the Commission: Three domestic (one Croat, one Bosniak, one Serb) and two foreign members (who have some form of expertise or specialisation within the region).

At the moment, of the domestic members:
The Bosniak Commissioner received her entire education in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BA, MA & PhD all University of Sarajevo)
The Croat Commissioner received his entire education in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Diploma & PhD both University of Sarajevo)
The Serb Commissioner received her entire education in Serbia (Diploma & PhD both University of Belgrade)

So, no education in Turkey there...

... and on to the foreign members:

One is from Turkey. She received her education in Turkey (receiving her PhD in 1976), and is in her 80s. Hardly a stalwart of the new, Erdogan regime, but more likely to be one of the 'Old Guard' of the secular Turkish state...
One is from the United Kingdom. He received his entire education in the United Kingdom

It must be noted that one of the two foreign members of the Commission will soon be replaced, as both have already served their recommended terms. It looks as if the Commission would prefer a candidate from a German-speaking country, due to current funding trends for the conservation of national Monuments from abroad.

So again Paolo Debertolis reveals his paranoia and desire to alter facts to suit his own agenda. He has been committing criminal offences within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then decides to lie (or perhaps poorly research - he also has a track record of this) in order to cover his shortcomings.

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