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Jeremy Hunt, The Groucho Club and the Bottomleys

What are the connections?

The Groucho Club

John Henry James Lewis, has over the last few years faced (along with his fellow-directors of the Groucho Club, where he is the Chairman) myriad allegations. These include charges that they and/or staff knowingly allowed, and helped cover up, sexual molestation on the premises of the Club…and, once discovered, conspired to delete paedophile links that had been running over many months on the Groucho Members’ Forum Website.
Jeremy Hunt

And John Henry James Lewis, Chairman of the infamous Groucho Club in London’s Dean Street, has for some years been the major bankroller of former Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP

Hunt excelled himself by suggesting to his audience that his father “worked as a manager for the NHS”. It is an exaggeration served with lashings of deception: Sir Nicholas John Streynsham Hunt (Daddy) was Admiral of the Fleet in his main career and, once retired, became a quangoista par excellence.

Virginia Bottomley

Admiral Sir John had an elder brother (now carefully airbrushed out of the Wikipedias and other genealogies), one Roland Colin Charles Hunt. He married Hilda Pauline Garnett, whose brother was W. John Garnett. WJG had a daughter called Hilda Brunette Maxwell Garnett….aka, Virginia Bottomley.

JEREMY and VIRGINIA are cousins

Peter Bottomley

Needs no introduction here as an ELM GUEST HOUSE visitor. He is of course MARRIED to Virginia and has stepped back from what could have been a high-flying political career in order to allow his wife centre stage. The timing of this withdrawal is interesting tho.

The background details of Bottomley's interaction with NAYPIC and Chris Fay (as in Mary Moss documents') are revealing.
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