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Post Leon Brittan Falklands

Originally Posted by welshwitch View Post
Smell of politics - AGAIN

Now Savile detectives probe claims that Jim Davidson assaulted woman - in Falklands: Forces comic could face trial in Port Stanley

Not sure what to say about this -except 'false flag' type scenario springs to mind.

Instead of investigating known paedo's on the doorstep in W2 - lets get Falklands as the focus..................

Not trivialising any abuse when I say this - but will they find a victim in Argentina and send in the SAS .................? (Not Jug ears for sure -unless he's standing trial as a perp)...,5489256
The Glasgow Herald - Dec 31, 1984
Brittan faces new questions over Mrs Murrell Murder

HOME Secretary Mr Leon Brittan is to be asked in the Commons why three detectives investigating the murder of 78-year-old Mrs Hilda Murrell are still suspended.

The question, to be put when Parliament resumes on January 9, has been tabled by Labour MP Mr Tam Dalyell, who has alleged that Mrs Murrell was murdered by British Intelligence officers searching her Shrewsbury home for papers relating to the sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano.

This has been denied, in a written reply by Home Office Minister Mr Giles Shaw, released on Friday.

Mr Dalyell will ask the Home Secretary to call for a report from the chief constable of West Mercia, giving the reasons why the two detective sergeants and a detective constable were suspended in August, during the course of the Murrell inquiry.

It has been alleged the detectives were playing golf when they should have been questioning a prisoner.

He will also ask when the Home Secretary expects disciplinary proceedings to be complete, and whether the detectives were suspended on full or half pay.

He said yesterday: "I understand there are unusual circumstances behind these suspensions and I want the Home Secretary to give a full account to Parliament."

Mrs Murrell's nephew, Mr Rob Green, was a fleet intelligence officer during the Falklands war and had a key role in sending signals.

Mr Dalyell also said yesterday he believes Mrs Thatcher may have been aware in advance that Argentina planned to invade the Falklands more than two years ago.

In a message to his Linlithgow constituents, he suggested this was the reason no British Minister or official had suffered any great career setback because of the invasion.

It was "extraordinary" that those who should have been responsible for warning the British Government of the impending invasion had all landed "solidly on their two feet."

Here's Leon Brittan helping cover up the Falklands War which helped Thatcher stay in power with his pack of paedos....

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