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Putting On The Ritz – Tricker & Toffs In Amsterdam

Part One: The Apartments.

1). Back in 1982, Russell Howard-Tricker's luck ran out
(for once) when
Customs and Excise discovered some interesting
items in his car at

To: R. H. Tricker, Ruysdaelkade 167/1, 1072AS,
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Pursuant to section 139 (6) of the Customs and Excise
Management Act 1979 and paragraph 1 of Schedule 3
thereto, the Commissioners of Customs and Excise hereby
give you notice that by virtue of the powers contained
in the customs and excise Acts and enactments amending
those Acts, certain goods1 namely:

3 untitled 8 mm films,

1 video cassette entitled "GB 10",

1 video 1 cassette entitled " Amsterdam Tramway

1 video cassette entitled "LB"

and 1 order form imported into the United Kingdom

and found at the Eastern Car Terminal, Dover, Kent,
England on or about 18th January 1982.

2). Ruysdaelkade 167 was known as “Toff’s Apartments”.
As well as having Russell Tricker as a resident the place
featured extensively as recommended gay accommodation
in Amsterdam:

Toffs Apartments 'gay friendly', “Inn Places: Worldwide
Gay & Lesbian Accommodations”, 1993:

Description and ad of Toffs Apartments and amenities in
“Inn Places: Worldwide Gay & Lesbian Accommodations”,

''Toffs Apartments are self contained apartments overlooking
a canal and situated close to museums and art galleries. This
is the real Amsterdam, the Amsterdam that the tourist does not
normally see, yet it is only 15 minutes walk from the Leidseplein.
Interiors have been completely renovated with modern comforts
in mind. Each has a colour TV, fully fitted kitchen with (?) (not
often found in Amsterdam) and bathroom. We're listed and recommended...''

“Leather Pride in Amsterdam”:
Posted on Google Groups by "Patrick Mcdonnell",

"Myself and all three SOs are planning to go for 30 and 31
of October and 1 November. Is anyone else planning to attend?
If so, rooms in gay hotels seem to be in short supply so book soon.

Gay hotels in Amsterdam:

Listed is:

Toff's Apartments, Ruysdaelkade 167, 673.85.29

Part Two: Travels.

An interesting fact, bearing in mind that Russell Howard-Tricker
used his work as a coach driver to traffick children on an
International basis, is that Toff’s Apartments is directly linked
with a tour company called “Toff’s Travels” who “just happened”
to be operating out of the same address that Tricker was living at:

Spartacus International Gay Guide, 1988:

Travel Agencies:

Toffs Travel and Apartments
Ruysdaelkade 167 73 85 29 Company Offering apartments
centrally located in Amsterdam as well as.....''

Toff’s Tours in a guide to Amsterdam, “Damron Amsterdam”,

(More to come on Russell Howard-Tricker).

(I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank
certain members of the thread. Without their help and
tireless research it would have been impossible for me
to have compiled this information).

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