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Originally Posted by dopey View Post
Hell yeah there's loads. Spinks hasn't exactly got a reputation to protect, so I wonder who else was mentioned in what was removed.

Of the 87 I think twenty odd were youths under 60 or more others arrested and not one trial/conviction to be found?
yes, Im smelling a stink.

Sidenote again, but found this comment on a survivor site from 2006. Mentions Denning.

Re: My heads in bits over this
Kirk Wayne

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Now that I have had time to think all this through I have written to the editor of the Daily Mail and the two journalists that wrote a very biased article about King here is my letter/email:

JONATHAN KING from the instigator of Operation Arundel

Dear Mr Bob Woffinden and Mr Mark Nichol

As one of over 10 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in the UK today I was somewhat disappointed in the very positive slant given to your article about Jonathan King and his continuing campaign to prove his innocence. King as we all know is a master at media manipulation but where are the views of his victims? Of which I was one are. There appears to be no balance in reporting with regard Kings constant outbursts. In fact it was I that helped launch Operation Arundel after disclosing rather stupidly to Max Clifford. If you are interested I did not approach Max Clifford Associates (MCA) for financial gain more to enquire if any other boys (now adults) had approached him with regard Jonathan Kings one time promoter at Bell Records and co founder of Kings UK Record label the ex BBC radio One DJ Chris Denning (currently in custody in Wandsworth prison). However that was not the main reason for approaching MCA. 95% of my abuse took place in Weybridge and Walton on Thames and Mr. Clifford lives on the border of those two towns, because of his position in the PR world I assumed that he must of known that certain celebrities were attending one teen disco in Walton on Thames, the Walton Hop also known as the Walton Playhouse.

I had heard by way of Radio Five Live that Denning had been arrested in the Czech Republic for running a paedophile ring, coupled with the arrest of Gary Glitter for downloading Photographic Evidence of a Sexual Assault on a Child my mid went into overdrive, unfortunately Glitters arrest happened just after I had started a three year course at university. On hearing of Glitters arrest the first thing I thought of was Bell records, the second was of my original abuser Chris Denning. Unbeknown to me at the time, my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder began to manifest itself by way of nightmares, triggers and flashbacks, I succeeded in smothering these manifestations by focusing on my studies but that was to prove very difficult with the amount of paedophilia that was in the media at the time. There was the North Wales Children’s Home scandal and the ensuing Waterhouse Report, the disappearance of Sarah Payne and the commencement of the News of The Worlds name and shame campaign, trying to escape reports of paedophilic linked articles etc was neigh on impossible it seemed that the press was reaching saturation point with regards sexual crimes against children.

However I persevered with my studies but it was just prior to my final year exams I read an interview that Denning had given to The Guardian journalist Kate Connelly whilst in Pankrac prison. I was shocked and disturbed at Denning’s complete denial of any wrongdoing but I now recognise this as a typical trait of the true paedophile. The pressure was now on me to disclose the information I had kept secret for over thirty years, unfortunately I suffered a mental and physical breakdown forcing me to miss my final year exams. It was because of this that I decided to disclose. I felt that my past systematic abuse by Denning, King, Rob Randall and others was still acutely affecting me, my dream of becoming an archaeologist had been destroyed, and I thought enough is enough.

The Guardian article can be found here:,00.html

As I have said I approached Max Clifford by email, not naming King only naming Denning and The Walton Hop they contacted me the following day and asked if I had any photographic evidence of which I did not. I was told “no photographic evidence, no go”. It was at that point that I decided to go to the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) as they had assisted the Czech authorities in the arrest of Denning and it was on the 8th May 2000 that I sent this email:

Need advice
I have read you’re pages with much interest
Should I reveal abusers ID to the public domain without evidence? Remembering that this is a high profile person in the entertainment industry within the UK. Remember the Chris Denning case earlier this year. I was a victim of his paedophile ring that (operated out of Walton on Thames, Surrey during the early seventies onwards) included this particular individual. I would imagine that I could supply evidence of penetration, as I have had to have surgery on my tail end.
Thanks for your time

Within twenty four hours I was contacted by an officer from NCIS and within a fortnight they came up to interview me. It was then that disclosed who my abusers were. Operation Arundel was launched shortly afterwards. There has been a lot of talk about trawling there may well have been but it was I who gave the police the names of the boys who I knew had been regular visitors to Denning’s Weybridge home and I knew that some of them had sexual experiences with Denning as he had told me, this was one of his grooming techniques. May I suggest that the reason for so many men came forward with complaints against king was due to his statement he gave through his solicitor and say that this sort of thing was an “Occupational hazard” for someone in his position.

That statement can be read here:

When I met Denning in 1970 he was working for the Bell Record label (after being sacked by the BBC for remarks he made on air with regard to young teenage boys) as promotions manager. Bell was perhaps one of the most successful record labels of the early seventies with artists such as Eddison Lighthouse, David Cassidy with and without The Partridge Family, Tony Orlando and Dawn, together with Gary Glitter, The Bay City Rollers with their sex offender manager Tam Paton and one Jonathan King who recorded under numerous guises such as The Piglets (“Johnny Reggae”) and Shag (“Loop de Love”). King also acted as house producer for the Bay City rollers first hit "Keep On Dancing". I would appear that none of the media have picked up this link pointing towards a London based music industry paedophile ring.

The list of celebrities attending the Hop was impressive for the early seventies. Chris Denning and Jonathan king were indeed regular visitors, Denning lived just down the road on Oatlands Drive which was the main road link from Weybridge to Walton on Thames. Others that attended were Tam Paton the ex manager of the Bay City Rollers who has a conviction for sex with an underage boy. The Bay City Rollers were also visitors to the Walton Hop. However these were not the only now convicted paedophiles that attended. I have mentioned Rob Randall, he was a music journalist of national repute, and he was also a part time DJ that had residency at both the Walton Hop and Tolworth bowling alley. Randall was convicted in 2002 for sex with an underage boy. I was to appear as a primary prosecution witness at Kingston crown court against Randall. But on the advice of his defence team Randall pleaded guilty to a more recent sexual assault so as to keep me from the witness box linking Randall to his friends Denning, King and the Walton Hop.

Randall conviction can be read here:

As one that was due to give evidence at Kings Old Bailey trial I am horrified to read that the Criminal Justice System has let the other twenty prosecution witness that were due to give evidence before the collapse of the second trial down so badly, if indeed dates have been falsified I really do think the Crown Prosecution Service and Judge Paget should be held to account for their actions.

Because of the attitude of the CPS towards survivors of childhood sexual abuse they are letting many more abusers go free than those that are supposedly falsely accused. King may get his convictions quashed I just hope the court of appeal orders a retrial.

I have had a certain amount of closure with regards Jonathan King when I confronted him last year, he now refers to me as a sad old man whose eyes he looked into and acme up with the quote as “I looked into this sad old man eyes I knew as well as he we did not ever meet”. As I looked into Kings eyes he could not hold my stare and what I saw was a very guilty, scared man as he darted for the sanctuary of the hotel lifts. I have the photographs to prove it.

The damage your unbalanced article has done towards those that want to disclose is immense, why should we disclose when we get treated so shabbily by the Criminal Justice System, The Crown Prosecution Service and the media. It is a life changing decision to disclose past sexual abuse because of the stigma it produces and it is often not a positive move for the survivor or their partners/family. Sexual abuse not only affects those that have been abused but their immediate circle, much like alcoholism.

Just one last thing why don’t you ask Jonathan King why he fired Chris Denning perhaps the best “plugger” (promoter) the British music industry has ever seen.

If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me on ***** ******

Yours sincerely

Kirk McIntyre
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