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Default Daily Mail lies; 'dramatic new Maddie lead'

The Daily Mail published this story today with the headline;

Was Maddie snatched by monster who killed this little lookalike? That's the dramatic new lead uncovered by British detectives. . . so why are the Portuguese police refusing to investigate?

Scotland Yard detectives have a list of 30 potential suspects
One of them is peadophile and child murderer Urs Hans von Aesch who killed himself in woodland
Von Aesch murdered five-year-old only five months after Maddie disappeared
But Portuguese police STILL dragging heels over investigation

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Yet in 2007 they published this story;

Madeleine: Police to show her parents picture of child snatcher suspect who killed himself

Last updated at 15:56 07 August 2007

Detectives investigating the possibility that Madeleine was taken by a child snatcher who later killed himself are to show her parents a photograph of the dead suspect.

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As always the DM's article today is blatantly biased and a hit piece against Portuguese police. If the portuguese police did investigate this lead in 2007 what is the DM's motivation for lying about it? The answer is probably that the Mccann's media team is at it again, continuing the myth that Madeliene McCann may be alive but also inexplicably snatched by a child killer even though not one shred of forensic evidence has ever been found that indicated a break in!

Also they forget to mention that Kate and Gerry McCann have always had the legal power to ask for the portuguese investigation to be re-opened, even with these latest leads, they do not! It isn't the portuguese who have been 'dragging thier heels' !
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