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Originally Posted by hawker View Post
Spook 666 – The Devil’s Agent

(Licenced to abuse, rape and torture?)

“John” Jonathan Patrick Rowe, MI5

Born to Thomas Donald Rowe and Joan Rosemary (Patrick) Rowe,
in 1948, at Middlesex.

John Rowe is an ex-director of Maximo Enterprises Limited:

Address: 2 31 Ryans Road,

Named as a known or suspected abuser of children on Elm Document
13 – 14.

“John Rowe suggested use of Spartacus Mag to advertise Elm Guest House. ?
Paedophiles arranged trips to Holland for ? Monday Club connections”.

The sexual interests of Mr Jonathan Rowe were recorded
by social worker Adelaine Stolper in Autumn, 1988:

“From Richard Sept 88
Adelaine Stolper S. Worker. 948-0729

On Friday the 26th of August, 88, I was visited by
(redacted name) Telephone Number (redacted number)
and (redacted name), Therapist, at my home in 38 Newbury
Close, Northolt, Middx.
They arrived at 12.18 pm. And departed at 4.00 pm.

The reason for their visit was inform me of the possibility of
a paedophile ring operating within the Hounslow and Richmond
areas and the use by that paedophile ring of boys from
the Grafton Close Social Services Care facility for boys in
Hounslow. Information disclosed to me is as follows: A number
of names were given to me of men allegedly involved in the sexual
use and abuse of boys from Grafton Close. The names are:

John Rowe – Paedophile”

Elm Documents 15 – 18:

Elm Guests, Jonathan Rowe’s telephone number at the time,
From Elm Document 25:

“John Rowe 777 1060?

From a confidential document naming John – Jonathan Rowe
as a serious sexual abuser of children:


Visit to home of X, also present X. Both boys currently in the
care of Hounslow.

Systematically buggered by Kier and other older boys.
Too frightened to complain. Introduced to Haddon by Kier.
He used to ring and tell them were (sic) to go to pick them
up and take to mens homes. Confirmed GP?, Chris & Peter both
policemen, also another man called Blackman (something at
Scotland Yard)…

They knew:

Slinger, Drummond, Naismith, Minster, Rowe, Johnson,
Stingemore & Charles Irving MP.

They have seen both Haddon/Kier mostly. Warned they would
be killed if they talked…also threatened others”.

Elm Document 44:

“John” – Jonathan Rowe was one of the prime movers in the
trafficking of children to supply the Amsterdam part of the ring:

“John Rowe - Organised trips Holland for Monday Club,
also cruises. Has taken boys over there. Recruited via
rent boy scene & Ruffell. Selected boys sent on ‘holiday’.
Knows Tricker”.

“John Rowe took XX (Rusty) to Amsterdam June 1982.
(SW was Stingeman)”.

“John Rowe took Rusty and other boys to Amsterdam”.

“Glencross stays at Rowes house”.

Elm Documents 53 -54:

Elm 87:

Elm 55 – 57:

Guests at Elm Lodge:

“John Rowe - MI5” (Mr Jonathan Rowe).

Elm 77:

The “changes” of use at Elm Guest House were largely
at the instigation of John Rowe and his personal associates:

“19?? Terry Dwyer & John Rowe persuaded Carol Kasir
to change her guest house to a gay one. Introduced
her to a South African from Holland called Peter Glencross
who runs a paedophile magazine called ‘Spartacus’”.

Elm 122:

“John” – Jonathan Rowe’s personal affiliations:




Elm 123 - 125:

Now, at the age of 65, Mr Jonathan Patrick Rowe is living
out his retirement in paradise, on the other side of the world,
in Australia.

We wish him well.
Originally Posted by hawker View Post
Sailor, BEWARE!

“Paul Rinehart” – Michael Stuart Rowe BSc, Captain; Master Mariner

Born to Thomas Donald Rowe and Joan Rosemary (Patrick) Rowe,
in 1943, at Staines.

Michael Rowe is an ex-director of Maximo Enterprises Limited.
He is also an ex-director of Rimflame UK Limited:

30, Clapham Park Road,
Clapham Common,
SW4 7BB.

An interesting court transcript from 15th July 1997 is in
existence regarding a proceeding in which “Paul Rinehart”
is the respondent.

“Paul Rinehart” is identified in court as Michael Stuart Rowe:

“The Attorney-General also refers to a letter dated
28th January 1990 to the High Court District Registry
in Croydon purporting to be signed by Paul Rinehart
and referring to funds said to be available to Captain Rowe.
I should interpose that the respondent tells us that he is master
mariner. The purpose of the Attorney-General’s reference to that
letter is to demonstrate that Mr Rowe was there passing himself
off as Mr Rinehart. That was one of the deceptions which he
practised because the respondent is both Rowe and Rinehart

“My Lord, due to lack of clarity on my part I did not make
it clear that this is not a case of Mr Rinehart or Mr Rowe
passing himself off as Mr Rinehart they are, in fact,
the same person
. The passing off was pretending to be two
different people and arising out of that I would ask that when
the order is drawn up in this case it does refer on its face to the
fact that Mr Rowe is also as known as Mr Rinehart”.

A letter written by “Paul Rinehart” – Michael Rowe,
on the 21st January 1997, to his youngest brother,
and quoted in court, states:

“It is my intention and that of Jonathan [who is the middle
brother] That both of you will be given a lesson in life ... and
it is my intention to bankrupt you both.”

Jonathan Rowe is further mentioned:

“The respondent’s prime concern and that of his brother
Jonathan has been that their father should be properly
looked after”.

Here Michael Stuart Rowe’s middle brother,
Jonathan Rowe (John Rowe) is named in court.

“Paul Rinehart” and “John” Rowe are brothers who were
both involved in Elm.

Then the most extraordinary facts are mentioned by
Michael Rowe:

“The last thing I want to do is take action against a sick
old man, my father, but why would he want to take
action against me? He sexually abused me from the age
of 8 so I fell into the hands of a paedophile ring. He and
I therefore have scores to settle.

“John” Jonathan and Paul Rowe’s father was a paedophile.
He sexually abused at least one of his sons, and that son,
Michael, fell into the hands of a paedophile ring in the early

This must be one of the earliest “rings”, circa 1950, that I have ever
seen mentioned.

The court transcript can be viewed here:

In the Elm Documents “Paul Rinehart”, identified above
as Michael Stuart Rowe, brother of John Rowe, is mentioned

Elm Document 27:

"Had stayed at Carols GH with Paul Rinehardt (sic)
(PR was
also known as Michael Stuart Rowe.)"

Elm Document 73 displays a letter from “Paul Rinehart”,
Michael Rowe. The letter is from a company called “Rawro
Investments Limited.

A letter from Paul Rinehart, Rawro, to Capital Gay Magazine.

9th July 1982.
The Advertisements Manager
Capital Gay
38 Mount Pleasant
London WC1X

Dear Sir,

I am instructed by the Board of Directors as follows:

1. On the pre-booked double-page advertisement for the issue
of July 22nd, the night sauna advertisement used previously to
re-appear on one page and the other page is to be given to the
proprieters (sic) of the ‘Elm’ Guest House who have been advised
of your copy date of Friday July 16th.

2. The Elm Guest House advertisement is for our account in total.

3. It is expressly forbidden to make mention on copy in any
form whatsoever of this firm or its associated subsidiaries.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Rinehart
Company Secretary

In summary, here we have Michael Rowe, brother of
John Rowe
, admitting to have been farmed out to a very
early organized paedophile ring, and then, later in life,
becoming involved in the activities at Elm Guesthouse,
in which John was also a major participant.

Now, at the age of 70, Mr Michael Stuart Rowe is quietly
living out his retirement in the city of London, England.

We wish him well.
Bloody fantastic, cohesive posts, really brings it all together.
Make no apologies for bumping and quoting in full.

Look at all the information there, there is no way the police should delay in pursuing these brothers. Ive hated John Rowe from the beginning, he is the wanker who (ahem, allegedly) enabled and facilitated the abuse of young children for years!! The pain and hurt this man has created is revolting.
I can only think - sarcy face- Fernbridge do not realise how much revulsion there is in the public's minds over these despicable crimes involving the most vulnerable of children, and just how much evidence there clearly is!!
Originally Posted by dopey View Post
Great work Hawker!

I've just remembered something. The PAN newsletters mention several hundred paedos had to date (1982/84)attended organised cruises. One specific feature of these cruises was that all of the boys were naked throughout.

They'd certainly have needed a sympathetic skipper ..wonder who that was
Yes good point.
Also remember Tricker, found in the docs, described also in Nick Davies' article as a former private school teacher, then coach driver, convicted of sex offences in Uk then moved Amsterdam.
That would have come in handy perhaps too. He ''used his job as a coach driver to ferry suitable boys up from London''. Now he's linked to Elms, would've come in handy having a whole chain of command for the transport wouldnt it, from mainland to sea to mainland again.

SO well organised, SO well planned, SO well thought out.
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