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Angry Remember Thalidomide?

If you are about 50 odd you probably will remember the Thalidomide children. In the late 50's, early 60's a drug given to pregnant women caused deaths and disfigurement to 20,000 odd babies. The inventor of the drug has paid not one red cent in compensation or fines for the pain and disfigurement and in fact are still operational today making things like Tramadol and Tabac aftershave.

The company, Grunenthal, has a murky history:

The company has its roots in the darkest episode in Germany’s past. Its directors and senior scientific staff had political and institutional connections to the Nazi Party and the death factories of the Third Reich.

As research – soon to be published in an academic journal – will reveal, even the thalidomide drug itself is inextricably bound up with the sort of ‘scientific research’ at which Hitler’s subordinates became so adept. In short, we are dealing, not with “a family company”, but one which has a disregard for the sanctity of human life written into its DNA.
Here is a video of one of remaining survivors:

There are 6,000 Thalidomide survivors left. they are fighting for thier dignity. They want Grunenthal to pay towards their inclreasing medical costs. You can help them by 'putting your hand' on this wall:

You can also follow them on Twitter on @Show_Your_Hand

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