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Oh btw, (just looking back through the posts and saw this one) National Express website is shit. They told me the price when it was 3 times as much and they told me there was loads of Coaches yet there are barely any.

Originally Posted by luv evreone View Post
The coach is only £20-30 on fixed return
Anyone else had problems with it?

Anyway, it reminded me of being on the bus and reading this...

Which reminds me of overhearing a guy sat just in front of me chatting with his ma asking if the Queen is German. She said no. Phil is German. He says oh right someone told me she was. No says mum she's not. Typical unknowing ones having a convo.

I soooo wanted to step in and correct them, but i know i would have very quickly moved on to Mountbatten and Savile etc i saw there were kids on the bus and thought better not.

This is the last two times i got the bus in the last week this has happened. The other night all the old guys down the front were having a long Thatcher moan about how bad she was (but nothing of this stuff). There was some young guys on the bus too kinda listening on (no headphones). I would have gone over would i not have been carrying. I could have tried to engage them all at the perfect time. I counted over 20 people i could have had a chance to speak too that night, with making group convos or approaching couples/singles.

What's the worst that could happen. Get thrown off the bus?

What I'm noticing is that i could reach loads of people everyday if i just had a card to give out, like a business card, with some online link for info. It would make the chats much quicker and easier, discreet, and you look more professional with a card, you can just hand it over if they are looking gone out. Tell them (if they have no web) to give it to someone else they think might be interested if they don't use it. If they are engaged give them a few to hand out.

I mentioned this before with re to the MP letters. It would make more sense to introduce them to the issues first and then hopefully they might take some action when they learn what's up.

The thing is, there is no central point to push them towards. Sure we can put the thread on there, but they aren't going to read it all. And may turn away when they see 60k posts.

We need another contact and info point.

Now ofc I'm not trying to push something else over here but it would make sense to have another address and a different name than what we have. That's half the problem imo. What do you guys think. If we create it from here we can push the site and thread to the top, they would just take a different route to get here?

Via a helpful introduction before they get into consuming this mammoth thread.

It could be simple enough. A statement. Maybe get some involvement from campaigners? then a section for Links to blogs etc (us top) and a section for ongoing Projects, writing to MPs etc? that's it.

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