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Default All things Battersea

Battersea connections

Getty images - JS
Honor Blackman+ Johnnie Savile
Wandsworth its area covered south London including Battersea and bordered Richmond, so conceivable that Local Council Officers and Leaders were mixing with higher echelons as it was only about 15 mins drive from Westminster.
Battersea Heliport - Bristow + Bond ofshore helicopters
Jimmy's brother Johnnie Savile, who was standing as a Liberal candidate in the 1974 elections in London's Battersea North, was sent a letter bomb.
28/02/1974 00:00 John Savile stands as liberal candidate for Battersea North
Interesting timelines
Leeds/Battersea/Young Conservatives/Monday Club
Steve Everett-Battersea
Elm docs- Battersea - Concorde
What are the names in the bottom right hand corner of the envelope? Am I seeing Peter Blonde and John Boils?
Pete Townshends studio
Elm - BA logo envelope address
Ramport Studios - Thessley Rd Battersea
Savile's Cycle stores
Battersea Bridge Rd and Duncroft girls+immoral earnings
Paedophile brothel Battersea Bridge Rd
Transcript of Elm page - inc Dwyer - Battersea address
Sarah Hope Walker - Proctor's secretary? Brent Walker connection?
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