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Default PIE MEMBERS 3 March 2013

1. Thomas Victor O'Carroll (ex-chairman) (aka Carl Tom)
Founder (From Warwickshire but dual Irish/British national moved to Leam Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in 1972. Moved to Shildon, County Durham after P.I.E. disbanded. born circa 1945) Also helped run P.I.E.s successor, The International paedophile Child Emancipation Group and a subsidiary, Gentlemen Without an Interesting Name. In 1977 was press officer for the Open University.

2. Charles Napier
Retired language teacher with links to Peter Righton
Inside Story - The Secret Life of a Paedophile - YouTube

3. Peter Righton (deceased) (aka Paul Pelham)(aka Cantwell)
Co founder one time treasurer (one of Britain's leading child protection specialists)
Inside Story - The Secret Life of a Paedophile - YouTube

4. Steven Adrian Smith (Chairman 1979-85) (aka Steven Freeman) (aka Steven Smith)
Former Home Office security guard from Catford used name Steven Adrian born circa 1954,2889704

5. Peter Bremner (aka Roger Nash)
born circa 1940 several papers name a David Bremner but I think it's the same person.,2889704

6. David Wade (treasurer),2777227

7. Sir Peter Hayman (deceased) (aka Peter Henderson)
former UK envoy to Canada.

8. Michael Hanson (first chairman)

9. Ian Campbell Dunn (deceased)

10. David Joy

11. Dr Edward Brongersma (deceased)

12. Keith Hose (chairman 1975)

13. Warren Middleton (aka John Parratt)

14. Geoffrey Prime

15. Barry Cutler
(from Porchester Mead, Beckenham born circa 1951)

16. Leo Adamson
(from Cricketers Court, Vauxhall born circa 1962)

17. John Morrison
(from Upper Richmond Road, Putney born circa 1967)

18. Michael Dagnall

19. Tony Zalewski - European rep -Named in Daily Express, 26th August 1983

20. Lee Edwards - Named in Daily Express, 26th August 1983

21. Bernard Haunch
Former teacher

22. Jimmy Savile - M Murrins information and letter to QEII,Patten etc

23. Richard Travell

24. Richard Morris Clive Bigham
Eldest son Viscount of Mersey

25. Stephen King (aka Stephen Gosling)
lectured to various criminal justice conferences at which the Met Police, the CPS, the Probation Service

26. Michael John De Clere Studdert
Former Chaplain at Crowthorn School, Hampshire from Churt Road, Hindhead born circa 1939. Had largest know child porn collection ever found in UK in a secret vault on his 17 acre country estate. Heavily involved in charity.

27. Alan John Doggett (1936-1978), conductor, composer and choir master. Leader of London Boys Choir

28. CJ Bradbury Robinson - writer Magpie

29. Richard James - writer Magpie

30. Paul Green - writer Magpie

31. David Bloomfield
Inside Story - The Secret Life of a Paedophile - YouTube

32. Dr Morris Fraser - BBC Kaleidoscope
Inside Story - The Secret Life of a Paedophile - YouTube
He wrote: "The form of the child-adult encounter, so very often idealized by writers, is almost too painfully authentic here, too horribly real - yet depicted so beautifully. The Lost Boys has that rare virtue of blending truth with exquisite taste and perception."

33. David Grove - born 1904 - secretary of PIE

34. Michael Walker - London

35. Jack Bennett
Worked with Righton. Abused boys at Greystone Heath.

36. Keith Laverack - Master Greystone Heath Approved School for Boys. Got 18 years for abusing children at Kneesworth House School Kneesworth, Cambridgeshire in 1997. Greystone Heath School, Warrington, Cheshire, Midfield Observation and Assessment Centre, Oakington, Cambridgeshire and Kneesworth House School, Royston, Herts. The infamous Keith Laverack worked in all these establishments between 1965 and 1988.. He ran the Guardian Ad Litem panel and represented children and their best interests in Court cases. This allowed access to case files of vulnerable children nationwide.

37. Andrew Langshaw - Greystone Heath Approved School for Boys. Became Principal of St Vincent’s Catholic boys’ home in Formby.

38. Dennis Grain - Greystone Heath Approved School for Boys. Promoted to other homes in the Warrington area
Worked as a teacher at Eton during the years Prince William was in attendance.

39. Roy Shuttleworth - Greystone Heath Approved School for Boys. Promoted to other homes in the Warrington area

40. Stephen Norris - Greystone Heath Approved School for Boys
Officer-in-charge of the Cartrefle community home in Clwyd, North Wales, pleaded guilty to five specimen charges of indecent assault against boys in his care. Worked with Peter Howarth

PRO PIE - no positive ID membership of PIE - connected to other abusers
Nicholas Ferguson
Bill Thornycroft
Terry Waller
Ian Harvey
Tony Deane
Nicky Burbidge
Keith Spence
Rictor Norton
Brian Percival - Clerk and stores Greystone
Alan Langshaw - Principal St Vincents Catholic Boys Reform School Southport. Attended a birmingham course on childcare
Edward Stanton - care worker. Attended a birmingham course on childcare. Got job via Shuttleworth
Terence Hoskins - worked with Grain. Became headteacher of St Aiden’s Community Home in Widnes.

Sources: ·
Kaz list
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