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The sacred YEW in central scotland reputedly the oldest tree in Europe. It is at the centre of scotlands 3 key LEYLINES and is 60 miles by road from Glen Coe. But it would appear that Glencoe is at a junction of the IONA LEYLINE.

Just putting some thoughts forward but it appears that SAVILE lived for the "energy" that was created from within or on these lines and that something allowed him to tap into this energy.

In short he didn`t buy his Glencoe property for the scenery.

The Destiny of Britain

"Britain contains some of the most sacred and holiest points of divine power on the surface of this planet....Britain, therefore, is one of the great spiritual centres of the the next coming of the Christ has indeed been destined to take place in Britain the Nazarene's visit to this land was intended to symbolise the next place of incarnation of the Christ Light....So, remember that Britain has had a glorious past and is a most holy and sacred land. Truly the angels have walked, and still do walk upon England's green and pleasant land. In the future Britain is to play a role which is without parallel, for which the people who now inhabit these shores have to undergo a period of transmutation, of transformation, so that in this change of the Earth that is to come, in this cataclysmic rebirth at the turn of the century, she may be ready to fulfil the true purpose of her being: the resting place of the Christ Light."
(The Revelation of Ramala,1978)

It is also strange but just before CONSHUNTS posted this afternoon I felt a sapping of energy from my head for about 15 minutes that was making me nod off and for the rest of today I have felt the same but in my head only, something I have never felt before.
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