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HA-nd-blended Mshakes 3an be Mad from any 6lavour of Ice Cream, and additional flavoUrings, 19uch as 3HO-3olate syrup and/or Malt syrup or malt PHowa, 3an be added Prior to mixing.. Thisis allows a G reater Variety than is available in Machine-Made 19hakes... Several DecA-des A-go, Milkshakes Sauce Were Made Without Ice Cream..13ilkshake-like recipes which use Yogurt Hand T hey also use the Hand Maid 2lended...'re JUsT the AfterB-irth.. A-m T he 3rd Revealatteaction!. here's A- Whole O-Cean under Your feet! No 1 3an Get at IT Xcept 6or moiii

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