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[quote=mr i cold;1061336920]Whatever I post will be shot down by people like but here is the video. A crash retrieval near Goodwood Airfield, Chichester 2008. My team and I were called in when the following event happened-

A reptilian was being held prisoner at a Naval Base in Portsmouth. Said base kept coming under attack by other reptilians wishing to have prisoner released. A Naval Admiral at the base lost it and escaped with the prisoner into a small two seated Cessna plane and arranged to meet reptilians near Goodwood Airfield. The Cessna was shot down and the video shows a group of reptilians turning up in their ship to the left of the crashed plane, picking up and reptilian body and returning it to their ship on the left. Myself and SAS, NSA and Naval intelligence are off to the right near the fire engine and in front of the crashed Cessna.

This is a better version of that film. Check out the VERY tall interdimensional being 1 minute into the video.

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